The cover art for singer Les Techno’s punk-rock-dance-pop single, ‘In The Sunshine.’

Band: Les Techno

Single: ‘In The Sunshine;’ Released on May 7, 2021 by Solid Bass Records; Producer: Les Techno

Crafting rebellious songs that reflects musicians’ revolutionary ideals is a powerful way for them to be noticed, especially by those listeners who embrace and agree with their beliefs. That’s certainly the case for electrifying New York City based post-punk-electronic rocker, Les Techno, who recently released his latest alternative pop single, ‘In The Sunshine.’ The neo-punk-alt-rock track showcases that the artist is all about breaking the rules as he exudes his trademark surrealist attitude through his moody, danceable signature sound.

Driven by avant-jazz guitar riffs that are mixed with deep, groove-inspired bass lines, the subversive pop-inspired ‘In The Sunshine’ brings its listeners into a post-apocalyptic, retro goth ’80’s setting that fits right into a classic David Lynch movie. That post-punk-electronic sound is the perfect reflection of what society is currently experiencing, both politically and with the COVID-19 pandemic, at the end of this summer season. As the musician has stated about the tune, it’s “Like we are waking up from a nightmare and laying out in a field on a sunny day.”

Inspired by such alt-psychedelic-rock-indie pop-electronic singers and groups as Jim Morrison, Morrissey, David Bowie, Cage the Elephant and the Talking Heads, Les Techno projects a natural mystique into his music, including ‘In the Sunshine.’ For his new single, he effortlessly infused his signature satire of modern society into his raw, artful lyrics, which are sung in confident vocals that sound like they belong in a post-apocolyptic film’s montage sequence.

Les Techno’s moody vocals and catchy, surrealist lyrics that are enthrallingly driven by social commentary are supported by stunning, offbeat melodies, jazz-inspired drum beats and unique blend of alternative rock and jazz electric and rhythm guitar riffs. His lyrics and instrumentation evoke the imagery of a midsummer’s day.

‘In the Sunshine’ is a perfect reflection of Les Techno’s signature sound, which merges jazz and new wave alt-rock instrumentation on the guitar and drums with stellar melancholy, wistful vocals and captivating, surrealist lyrics. The rocker effortlessly combines a post-apocalyptic, retro goth ’80’s vibe with his signature satire of modern society, which makes the single the perfect anthem for a summer that’s winding down from lingering political turmoil and health concerns.

For more information on Les Techno, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube pages.

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