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I’m Your Man Movie Review


I’m Your Man Movie Review

I’m Your Man
Letterbox Film Production
Reviewed by Tami Smith, Film Reviewer for Shockya
Grade: B+
Director: Maria Schrader
Screenwriter: Jan Schomburg, Maria Schrader
Cast: Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Huller, Hans Low, Wolfgang Hubsch, Annika Meier, Falilou Seck, Juregen Tarrach, Henrietta Richter-Rohl, Monika Oschek
Release Date: September 24, 2021

During a visit to Berlin I went to the Pergamon Museum in Museum Island and had to wait two hours on line, since a limited number of people were allowed inside at all times. I was glad I did. We saw the Ishtar Gate, from Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the World; The Pergamon Altar, from the Acropolis in Pergamon city; and the Qasr Mshatta, from the Jordanian desert. All the above exhibits gave me an appreciation for the main character of I’m Your Man.

I’m Your Man introduces us to Alma (Maren Eggert), an accomplished researcher, at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin where she conducts studies of ancient Persian culture. In order to obtain funds she agrees to become a participant in robotic research. A robot is tailored to her specific needs so she agrees to live with it for three weeks and submit an evaluation report. She meets her robot, Tom (Dan Stevens), who speaks German with an English accent. Tom is a perfect partner/servant/lover who is well programmed. A surprised Alma finds him fixing breakfast, cleaning the house, dancing flawlessly and participating in social events.

I’m Your Man is a comic Sci-Fi, directed by Maria Schrader and cast with accomplished actors. The plot is based on a short story Ich bin dein Mensch by Emma Braslavsky, and makes general assumption that future robots will be able to adapt to individual human needs and make perfect partners.

Maren Eggert presents her character Alma as a professional woman in academia who is so involved in professional life that she hardly has the time for personal relationships. When Tom enters her life she is skeptical but learns to adapt. Dan Stevens gives Tom a perfect comic tone with a touch of foreign quality that caters to Alama’s wishes. This British actor, with sparkling blue eyes, known for most viewers as Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey, delivers a robot to perfection. He speaks German well and does not have to rely of phonetic pronunciation. Sandra Huller gives an excellent supporting performance as an advisor of the robotic company, only to be discovered later as a robot herself. Hans Low gives Alma’s ex-boyfriend Julian the exact awkwardness and imperfection needed for the role.

I’m Your Man poses some questions: What does it mean to have the perfect partner, that can analyze a person’s needs and even predict future ones? and How does one end loneliness and have a life-long companion?

The ballroom scene in I’m Your Man opens impressively in a large room, filled with dancing couples and patrons at a night club setting, where Alma is introduced to her “man”. The scene is done to perfection by Cora Pratz, production designer, and Anette Guther in charge of costumes. All the above are complimented by director of photography Benedict Neuenfels. Alma’s apartment, where most of the plot takes place is actually a soundstage that has warm lighting and design. Exterior scenes were photographed in Berlin and Denmark.

I’m Your Man was filmed in German, with pale-white English subtitles which are sometimes difficult to read.

102 minutes   Rated: NR © Tami Smith, Film Reviewer

Story: B+
Acting: B+
Technical: B+
Overall: B+

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