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K-Pop — short for Korean Pop — has recently been dominating the headlines of mainstream pop culture. What was once a more localized genre of music and entertainment has slowly begun to take over the conversation. K-Pop music incorporates influences from a variety of genres, from R&B to Jazz and its stars have amassed major followings worldwide.

In addition to the music, K-Pop fashion has found its own conversation in mainstream pop culture. Members of popular K-Pop bands like Blackpink, BTS, and Red Velvet have become as synonymous for their fashion choices as they have for their music.

K-Pop fashion has become known for its uniqueness and playfulness. We’re seeing the unapologetic ways in which fans of these styles have embraced its personality and have adapted these trends to their own aesthetic.

Let’s take a closer look at K-Pop fashion and all of the unique features that make it so popular in pop culture today.

Colors, Shades, and Hues

When it comes to K-Pop fashion, there is no shortage of color. Colors are a way for fashion lovers to show their personality through their clothes and the same goes for this subgenre of fashion. K-Pop lovers are known for their unapologetic use of colors, especially when it comes to bold primary colors of soft, pastel hues.

In many cases, K-Pop styles involve color-blocking, often with two opposing colors on the color wheel — but that’s the fun of experimenting with this aesthetic. In the world of K-Pop, an emerald green dress and blush pink hair or striped tights are just as common together as wearing black and white.

Doll-Like Aesthetics

Many female K-Pop groups love to present themselves like colorful dolls and often incorporate those items into their everyday style. Knee-high socks are often worn with fit-and-flare dresses or skirts for a youthful look. Adding miniature backpacks and hair ties are often extras used to give the ensemble a more complete look and added elements of playfulness.

This particular trend is becoming more popular in mainstream pop culture and online, with YouTubers like Azzyland incorporating these doll-like features into their own aesthetic. Afterall, that’s what K-Pop is all about, blending looks and themes to create something unique.

Matching Accessories to Outfits

One of the staples of K-Pop fashion is matching accessories to your outfit. If you were to wear a pink shirt with a yellow skirt, your accessories would ideally match one of those two colors.

The Accessories

When it comes to accessories, flower crowns are very popular. They are a fun and feminine addition to any outfit, especially in the summertime. Many K-Pop stars love to stack their jewellery, often colorful bangles, chunky necklaces, and multiple rings on each hand.

Asymmetrical earrings are also popular and would often be matched to at least one color in the shirt, skirt, or dress you’re wearing.

Hair and Makeup

One of the best parts of the K-Pop aesthetic is the experimentation many stars and fans use when it comes to their hair and makeup. Many K-Pop girl groups change their hair colors often, but they’ll also incorporate multiple colors at once for a rainbow effect. The colors are often bright pinks, reds, purples, or blues — but when it comes to K-Pop, you can incorporate whatever colors you want, that’s the fun of it.

Makeup can be equally as playful and colorful. K-Pop singers and stars love to wear bright stickers or face paints, often in fun shapes. Matching eyeshadow to lip colors is very popular, and adding glitter to both is often a fan favorite.

Girl Groups & Boy Bands Style

One of the best things about this genre is how free both men and women can feel to experiment with colors and styles. Just like the women of K-Pop, boy bands are known for wearing bold prints and dying their hair bright colors, wearing facial decorations, and experimenting with out-of-the-box hairstyles.

This particular genre often goes against traditional gender norms, which is becoming more popular in mainstream pop culture. Stars like G-Dragon and BTS are showing their fans that it’s okay to have fun with fashion and to showcase their personality in their clothes.

K-Pop Fashion Will Continue to Make Waves in Pop Culture

K-Pop isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, especially when it comes to mainstream fashion. Clothing brands like Coach and Tiffany’s are adding K-Pop stars to their list of ambassadors, proving how influential this genre has become worldwide. As more celebrities and fans embrace their unique aesthetics and colorful personas, K-Pop is making a global name for itself and inspiring people from all ages and genders to experiment and have fun with fashion.

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