YouTube content creation comes with many rewards. For starters, if one can build a large enough following as a Youtuber, there are material rewards to be had in the form of YouTube advertising revenue. Few today are actually taking up vlogging as a full-time profession.

Then others create YouTube content intending to have an additional channel of income. And finally, some pure hobbyists create video content and share it on YouTube and other social platforms for sheer joy.

However, whether one is raking in enough money through their Youtube channel or pursuing it simply as a hobby, content creation brings enough satisfaction and joy to those who engage in it with enough passion. One gets to share one’s views with the world. One can make his voice heard. And as long as one is providing value through his content, he can build a loyal audience with whom they can feel a sense of connection and belonging.

All that said, it is still not all roses out there, and all serious content creators know this all too well! There are challenges, struggles, and obstacles. One has to cope with them as well as one can.

Challenges of Being a YouTuber

Keeping up with the Competition: Of course, video content creation and sharing is not limited to YouTube alone. However, huge as Youtube has become (it is currently the second largest search engine after Google), vlogging (video blogging, that is) has become almost synonymous with becoming a Youtuber.

And youtube is becoming more competitive each passing day. There are already a large number of vloggers for virtually each and every topic under the sun! It is easy to have fears of your competition getting the better of you. Many also suffer anxieties of becoming irrelevant or losing their audience.

It Takes Time to Build a Presence: This is something every content creator must take into account before embarking on their vlogging journey. A year or two may pass before one starts to make their presence felt and build a sizeable audience or start to earn any kind of income through YouTube. Many who start out with enough zeal and passion can often get discouraged after months of posting content and seeing little rewards for all that effort.

Even when one is aware of this fact, it is still pretty challenging to keep motivated and post quality content. What makes it even worse is that there is still no guarantee that you will make it even after, say, two years of hard and dedicated work.

Coping with Loneliness and Online Hate:

It may sound ironic, and yet it is a fact that many content creators cite loneliness as a constant challenge that YouTubers need to cope with. You may be creating content for thousands of viewers, and you may already have a large enough following. Yet, all those loyal followers are still pretty much anonymous to you. This is a situation that serious YouTubers are made to deal with; that doesn’t make it any easier.

In addition, one’s real-world friends and relatives often cannot relate with or understand the lifestyle of a content creator. This is the reason why we often see YouTubers developing friendships with other fellow YouTubers.

Another common issue with all YouTubers is the hate or negative comments posted by viewers. There may be loads of positive and encouraging comments under your content. However, haters will still be there. They can only get away with saying the worst things, all thanks to the relative anonymity they can enjoy on the internet.

Mohammed Ali Rashid: Motivational Athlete and Car Enthusiast

Mohammed Ali Rashid is a motivational athlete, fitness enthusiast, and a huge fan and follower of professional boxing and fighting. Many people will also identify Rashid as an avid YouTuber and social media influencer.

As a YouTube content creator, Rashid started his journey by sharing fitness-related posts. In these posts, he shared his fitness routines and goals with his viewers. Mohammed Ali Rashid also shared tips and in-depth insights regarding fitness regimens. He presented his story so that all fitness enthusiasts, intermediate or pro, could relate to him and his ambitions.

Then, when it came to the world of professional fighting and boxing, Ali tapped into his connections to post exclusive interviews with pro fighters and boxers, which won him a loyal audience.

Finally, Mohammed Ali Rashid is also an avid car enthusiast, and his YouTube channel contains a separate ‘car review’ playlist. In his reviews, Ali makes sure that he goes in-depth while reviewing any particular model so that his viewers can receive real value while watching his content.

How does Mohammed Ali Rashid cope with his life as a YouTuber and the challenges that come with being one?

According to Rashid, first and foremost, he tries his best to be his authentic self when creating his video content. Secondly, he always follows his passions while creating his videos and wants to enjoy the process as much as he can. In other words, Ali regards any material gains that may follow from his efforts as a Youtuber as secondary.

This means he is never too anxious about his competition or about his content becoming irrelevant. Instead, he believes that as long as you provide value to your audience and continue doing so, there is no way you can become irrelevant overnight.

This also explains why Mohammed Ali Rashid is never impatient and never suffers from a lack of motivation. Since his primary goal is to connect with his viewers. He doesn’t care too much about how much time he needs to build a sizeable audience.

When it comes to coping with loneliness and online negativity, Ali believes that all YouTubers should try their best to build a strong support network in real life and never lose touch with like-minded friends, close relatives, etc. As long as one has a solid real-life support network. Ali Rashid maintains that online hate or loneliness that you may face as a content creator will never get to you.

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