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Rene and Edith arrive safely in England in ’Allo Allo’


Rene and Edith arrive safely in England in ’Allo Allo’


‘Allo Allo’ is a British sitcom series, focussing on the life of Rene Artois, a French café owner in German occupied France during the second world war. Starring Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera, Vicki Michelle, Richard Marner, Kim Hartman.

Still from ‘Allo Allo’

Rene is a reluctant participant of the local French Resistance cell that operates under the codename of “Nighthawk”. The town is ruled by the German forces, led by the dictatorial Major-General , René finds himself balancing four major problems – the schemes of the town’s corrupt commandant, Colonel Kurt von Strohm; the sabotage plans of the Resistance’s leader Michelle Dubois; the efforts by Gestapo agent Herr Otto Flick to find a stolen painting and unmask Resistance members; and the love affairs with his waitresses, each of which he must conceal from both his wife Edith Artois and each of the other waitresses.

In this episode, René and Edith safely reach England and are surprised to see a familiar face. They receive medals from Churchill and explore London, seeing the hardships of war-torn London, before Edith heads back to Nouvion – and a major mix up sends René reluctantly with her.

Watch this episode of Allo Allo, the lighthearted British sitcom, airing on Drama Channel on Swissx TV at 18:40pm GMT. It can be watched live or recorded and viewed later.

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