The holiday season is just around the corner, and it is the time of the year to get together with family, go on vacation, catch up with loved ones or just take time for yourself and selfcare. At the same time, it is the season of tournaments, matches and Christmas specials and we don’t want to miss that either.

FilmOn TV gives you access to more than 600+ Live TV Channels from around the world and an extensive library of VOD movies. No matter where you are in the world, watch your favourite TV shows live or record them and watch later, no more being abroad and missing home telly. Watching your favourite TV shows and home telly is like having a comfort blanket that we can all do with. Now watch your favourite live TV abroad with FilmOn TV.

Whether you are into British Dramas or American Comedies, from Crime thriller to Romantic comedies, from the most respected News Channels from around the globe to live matches, FilmOn TV has something for everyone. Explore the vast movie collection on FilmOn from all genres, action, comedy, drama, romantic and feel-good movies. FilmOn also offers a wide range of lifestyle channels with emphasis on lifestyle interests from chic living to country’s finest. If you are looking to get spooked, log on to the Horror Channel on FilmOn or just choose from the vast array of Horror movies on demand. FilmOn TV also offers VR channels and take you into another reality. FilmOn TV has just launched their Sexual Health TV as well with programming focussed on Sex Ed.

FilmOn TV provides one of the finest online television viewing experiences alongside being a social television. Be social while watching your favourite TV shows or live matches, discuss with your friends or just share your point of view with the rest of the viewers, bringing everyone closer and starting the discussion. For more read here. Watch Live TV on FilmOn on web or on an android or iOS App. Live TV channels from UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and rest of the world are available on FilmOn TV.

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