Sluka has released the music video for its progressive alt-rock single, ‘Happy in Your World.’

Sluka; Musicians: Christopher Sluka: Vocals, guitar and keyboards; Anna Eppink: Bass; Michael Bedard: Drums; Nico Hueso: Violin and viola; Erdis Maxhelaku: Cello; Brad Steinwehe: Trumpet; and Jordan Morita: Trombone

Single: ‘Happy in Your World;’ Released: August 27, 2021; Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Grammy Award winner Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording Studio in San Diego

Encouraging people to understand and love each other during the current troubling times is one of the most vital messages that entertainers can emphasize in their creative works. San Diego-based alt-rock band, Sluka, which is led by singer-songwriter-instrumentalist, Christopher Sluka, is reminding its listeners to remember how alike everyone is, and see their kinship as preeminent, on their new progressive-rock single, ‘Happy in Your World.’

The song, whose release has been accompanied by a music video, is the third single from the group’s new 13th album, ‘Figure It Out.’ The track is an epic hope rock opera that pleads for everyone to unite during the current medical and political crises.

‘Happy in Your World,’ which takes inspiration from such alt-rock artists as David Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Depeche Mode, immediately pulls its listener into its dramatic interweaving of its vocals and instrumentals. Sluka’s strong, impressive vocal range is the true standout of the tune as he intensely emphasizes the importance of people loving each other. His passionate tones infuse the classic rock ballad’s lyrics with tender emotions and bring the narrative’s poignant message to life. But his voice is supported by equally noteworthy instrumentals, particularly the stylish, but equally heartbreaking, strings and elegant, classical piano chords.

The endearing music video for ‘Happy in Your World’ features Sluka playing the piano and his bandmates playing their instruments, which are interwoven with tantalizing moments of people in their everyday lives embracing each other. The images are blended together in a powerful mixture of muted colors and black and white, which emphasizes how people around the world are feeling suppressed or hopeless in certain situations right now.

‘Happy in Your World’ is an epic hope rock opera that calls for Sluka’s listeners to unite and support each other during the isolating crises that are currently plaguing the world. Driven by elegant strings and piano chords, the eponymous singer’s strong vocal range and the powerful imagery in its music video, the rock ballad is one of the year’s most important songs, as it emphasizes the vital message that unity and acceptance is so important in contemporary society.

For more information on Sluka, visit the band’s Spotify page.

By Karen Benardello

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