Sometimes it takes a dramatic event for people to appreciate everything their parents do for them, especially when they’re continuously placed in embarrassing situations. That’s certainly the case for actresses Danielle Savre and Skye McCole Bartusiak’s adolescent characters in the upcoming comedy, ‘Wild About Harry,’ which Global Digital Releasing is set to distribute On Demand this Friday, December 17.

In honor of the movie’s upcoming release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘Toodlel-Loo Gorgeous.’ The clip follows Savre and McCole Bartusiak’s characters, Madeline and Daisy, as they get ready for a day at their new high school. After their father, the titular Harry (Tate Donovan), rushes them out of the house so that they’ll catch their bus, the girls are ridiculed by some of their new classmates for their different appearances. The sisters become even more self-conscious when their father rushes after them onto the bus to give them their lunches.

‘Wild About Harry’ marks the feature film directorial debut of Gwen Wynne, who also co-wrote the script with Mary Beth Fielder, and served as a producer. In addition to Donovan, Savre and McCole Bartusiak, the comedy also stars Stacey Dash and Josh Peck.

In ‘Wild About Harry,’ everybody in Dennis, Cape Cod thinks that the eponymous character is quite the catch. Harry, a handsome Englishman, has just moved to the seaside destination with his teenage daughters, Madeline and Daisy. The girls, however, are determined to keep their recently widowed father away from the swarm of female suitors who are pursuing him, including the beautiful journalist, Joy (Dash), and the manic matchmaker, Mrs. Brown (Anne Ramsay).

That is until one night, when Madeline’s new high school friends give her a taste of a racier Cape Cod. They take her to a notorious underground disco in Provincetown. Through the throngs of drag queens and gay men, Madeline sees her father dancing with a man. The double shocker is that the man is Mr. Gibbs (Adam Pascal), who her father recently introduced to her as his new business partner and who just moved into the back of their house.

Madeline tries desperately to change her father. She devises every method possible to find the perfect wife. Soon, however, Madeline’s family secret becomes the talk of the town, when she mistakenly confides in her new boyfriend, Sam (Corey Sevier). Everybody begins to weigh in on the acceptability of two men raising children together.

Ultimately, Madeline’s worst nightmare comes true, when her maternal grandparents, Martha and William (Susan Anspach and James B. Sikking), unexpectedly arrive and take the girls away from their father. Now, everything Madeline hoped to achieve is lost. But it’s the local fisherman’s son, Spoke (Peck), who reminds her that her family – no matter what shape it takes – will always be her family.

Actresses Skye McCole Bartusiak and Danielle Savre star in co-writer-director-producer Gwen Wynne’s film, ‘Wild About Harry.’
Wild About Harry - Toodlel-Loo Gorgeous
Wild About Harry - Toodlel-Loo Gorgeous

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from co-writer-director-producer Gwen Wynne's film, 'Wild About Harry,' which features Tate Donovan and actresses Skye McCole Bartusiak and Danielle Savre.

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