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As the global pandemic occurred, the lockdowns encouraged people to go out only for essential work. Since people had to follow social distancing rules to avoid the COVID-19 virus, video calls became a norm for all socialization needs. From work to personal events, many functions moved online, requiring most participants to sit in front of a camera for several hours throughout the day.

A survey found that 49% of Americans who haven’t had plastic surgery now have a positive outward toward surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many adults are opting for different facial and neck procedures due to the ‘Zoom boom.’

Video Calls Encourage People to Invest in Treatment

The sudden interest in cosmetic surgery results from wanting to look younger and more confident on the screen. When people spend most of their time in video calls, it spikes interest in cosmetic surgery to enhance their facial features. That’s when they reach out to medispa like GraceMed to fulfill their desires.

The interest in cosmetic surgery allowed many people to explore something new and feel confident about themselves. Luckily, the availability of a wide range of professional treatments allows people to experiment without worry. For example, some procedures such as lip fillers are reversible, giving people the chance to try them out and remove them if they don’t like them.

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More Time to Heal from Surgeries

Since people had to spend several months at home, the pandemic was the perfect time to perform procedures with downtime. Some people might have been interested in cosmetic surgery but didn’t have the time to wait for the wounds to heal. However, since everyone was bound to stay at home anyway, many people used the time in their favor.

If an individual booked a cosmetic procedure at any other time, they might have had to take time off work. Thanks to the luxury of working from home, it was easier to work and recover at the same time.

Money Saved Up Due to Fewer Social Gatherings

Life was different for most people before the pandemic. Many people spend time traveling, eating outside and participating in activities that cost a lot. But, due to the lockdown, people were forced to say goodbye to their idea of fun and shift things indoors. So, the at-home lifestyle helped many save money.

Saving the money usually spent on leisure activities allowed people to splurge on cosmetic surgeries, such as facelifts and CoolSculpting.

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The Procedures Increase Self-Esteem

Altering your face to fit the needs of others isn’t the ideal way to gain confidence. However, since many people decided to opt for these procedures when they were home most of the time, they didn’t do it for others. Taking steps to feel more confident in your own skin can positively show yourself, love. Studies suggest that cosmetic surgeries improve self-worth, self-esteem and quality of life.

If you’ve been looking forward to erasing your frown lines or getting rid of that muffin top, now might be the best time to take that step!

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