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Make a Fashion Statement with These T-Shirt Design Trends


Make a Fashion Statement with These T-Shirt Design Trends

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Wherever you are in the world, a T-shirt remains a fashion staple for a lot of people. You can pair it with any apparel due to its simplicity and versatility. You can put on a pair of black jeans and match it with a white T-shirt to get that instant chic look.

Over the years, the T-shirt has evolved into something meaningful. It has become a “rebel with a cause.” Some create striking artworks out of a simple tee. Others wear T-shirts with bold, political statements as a way to express themselves.

Whichever way you want to go, there are many things you can do with a T-shirt. Below you can find popular T-shirt design trends you might like.

Book Designs

T-shirts with book prints became a trend during the height of COVID-19. Many showed support to independent bookstores and authors by purchasing book-printed shirts. This initiative ensured that bookstores stayed open to serve their communities. This is a great design option for all bookworms out there.

Fashion Tips:

Choose your favorite book as your T-shirt design. You can go for the original book cover or redesign it the way you like.
This T-shirt will go well with your preferred denim jeans or skirt. Plus, it lets people see the kind of genre you read.

Bold Statements

Statement shirts are best for people who let their clothes do the talking. They can be essential or encouraging, especially now that we are still in a pandemic. Wearing statement shirts help keep conversations minimal with strangers. A simple “Keep your Distance” phrase is effective during this time of physical distancing.

This design trend is also significant in advocating social causes and political campaigns.

Fashion Tips:

Start by choosing a statement that represents who you are. If you’re an environmental activist, you can choose a catchy line about climate change.
Go minimal with your design, so the writing is easy to read.
You can use bold fonts with bright colors to make your statement stand out.

Doodle Artworks

Add some fun to your wardrobe with doodled T-shirts. You can create doodle artwork yourself. It does not have to be perfect. Use all shapes you can think of and draw them on paper. Your custom printing shop can turn it into digital art and print it after.

Fashion Tips:

Illustrate your doodle the way you like them.
In terms of fashion, there are no rules in wearing doodle artwork shirts. You can get as funky as you want.
For the final look, you can pair it with your vintage sneakers.

Make Your Own T-Shirt Design

The T-shirt design trends mentioned above are only a handful from where you can draw inspiration. But, they are a great start in making your T-shirt design. Whether it is for business or personal use, personally-designed T-shirts are timeless. You can never go wrong with this piece of garment. It is marketable and fashionable at the same time. And, the great thing about making your T-shirt designs is there are now many custom screen printing services available. They can help you make your concepts come alive.

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