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Chawa Lilith’s Euphonious EP Review


Chawa Lilith’s Euphonious EP Review

The cover for singer-songwriter Chawa Lilith’s ambient-meditative EP, ‘Euphonious.’ Photo Credit: Ronny Barthel

Artist: Chawa Lilith: Music and lyrics

EP: ‘Euphonious;’ Released: December 14, 2021; Producer: Lilith; Mixing & mastering: Lilith and Dawson Hendrix

Being able to inspire their listeners to connect to their inner selves and greatness is an ability that many musicians strive to achieve throughout their careers. Los Angeles and Atlanta-based singer-songwriter, Chawa (Hava) Lilith is accomplishing just that with her newly released six-track ambient-meditative-drone EP, ‘Euphonious.’ With the album, she sets out on a meditative journey to share her passions, in an effort to encourage her audience to also do the same.

‘Euphonious,’ which were in part inspired by her meditative practices during her COVID-19 quarantine in L.A. in 2020, features sparks of pureness that capture the sense of freedom she achieved during the time she spent on her own. The record’s entries highlight her metamorphosis throughout the lockdown, including her rejuvenated calmness and peace of mind, as she conquered her initial fear of not knowing how the world would unfold.

Lilith’s new EP begins with the atmospheric song, ‘Good Things,’ which features floating ethereal sounds that take listeners’ minds on a spiritual journey. The immersive and relaxing tune features an enchanted realm of peaceful serenity, as the musician’s lush vocal echoing are ethereal and majestically unforgettable. The tune’s calmly textured tones reflect on Lilith’s – and the listeners – sense of self and where everyone belongs.

‘Euphonious’ continues its effortless journey of reducing listeners’ stress through its inspirational, atmospheric soundscapes, particularly the singer’s hypnotic, layered vocals, on its sophomore track, ‘You Are Loved.’ The vocals, which also feature restful auras of warmth and resiliency, reflect on Lilith’s experiences of figuring out she belongs, in a somewhat more light-hearted nature than the song’s predecessor.

The musician’s latest album beings to wind down with its penultimate entry, ‘Dar Knight,’ which is driven by darker, more ominous vocal hues than both ‘Good Things’ and ‘You Are Loved.’ ‘Dar Knight’s distinctive, transparent tones masterfully guide the listener into a state of openness and reflection, as they contemplate how they can move on with their lives.

‘Euphonious’ comes to an end with its last entry, ‘Havas Love,’ which features an intriguing interweaving of emerging sounds and relaxing textures. Throughout the tune, Chawa’s voice truly resonates with listeners as she sentimentally, but equally ominously, reflects on harrowing situations.

‘Euphonious’ is the perfect reflection of how people diligently work to stay connected with not only each other, but also with their inner selves. The singer effortlessly finds a sense of freedom while she embarks on her journey of relaxation through ambient sounds. Her songs stylistically merge the genres of ambience, meditation and drone as her enchanting voice gently hovers over alluring, sentimental soundscapes. The inspirational, revitalizing and atmospheric EP is a powerful reminder about the importance of people rejuvenating their sense of calmness and peace of mind during life’s most challenging circumstances.

For more information on Lilith, visit her official website, as well as her Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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