NFTs have risen and grown exponentially in 2021 and the craze has continued well into 2022, proving that NFTs are here to stay and dominate the market. Swissx the leading wellness and lifestyle brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab that focuses and prides itself in bringing the best CBD products to the market has recently launched its Asset backed NFT Cannabis Club, combining the best of both worlds, the NFTs  of some of the finest assets and its well-known CBD products. Swissx is known to have a number of celebrities as its regular customers thus demonstrating the popularity and the quality of its products.

El Palucho Ganja Farmer Club

Swissx NFT Collection is live on as well as on Opensea. Swissx NFTs are known as some of the finest and trendiest NFTs that are available currently in the market. The NFTs get their value from the exclusive asset backing that it has. These NFTs are sought after as they provide immense value, some buy NFTs as collectibles for the long haul and see them grow as a collector and some flip them and trade as often as they can.

With every purchase of Swissx NFT one receives a miniature gold icon embedded with NFC chip. Gold minting is included in the price. One also receives the popular Swissx Cannabis Club Box of assorted Swissx goodies. One is able to custom create the box and have the products to suit one individually. Along with the Cannabis Club Box one also gets access to its streaming service Swissx TV with full access to 600+ live channels from across the world along with its huge movie and video library.

CBD is a popular compound used in the health and wellness industry. It is used widely due to the multiple benefits its offers. It is also well known to help insomnia; sleep disorders and improves sleep quality. CBD also plays a major role in helping the skin with issues such acne and psoriasis. Most athletes and sport players rely heavily on CBD products to help injuries, calm oneself and relieve pain.

Swissx CBD is extracted from organic grown hemp, made from an organic blend of essential oils including bees’ pollen and coconut. It is rich in antioxidants and has multiple health and wellness benefits. Swissx through its various products such as its Swissx CBD goodies, skincare oils, chocolates and more, provides its legal CBD goodies to your doorstep.

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Swissx TV, is one of the popular online streaming services that enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies, music videos and channels all over the world on iOS, android or web. It is also known to be a social television where viewers are able to share their views, start discussions, express themselves and connect with other subscribers and be a part of the community.

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