Since ancient times, much of the finest art has represented a deliberate display of wealth and power. We are currently in an era of digital revolution with NFTs, Crypto and Blockchain and the same power and satisfaction is now achieved through NFTs. Swissx has recently launched the NFTs to some of the world’s coolest assets with incredible community value potential. These NFTs are live and available on as well as the world’s biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea.


With Swissx NFTs, it is an opportunity to invest in timeless pieces of art. Swissx Assets have been audited to the value of over $1 Billion. One can group invest in a piece or buy it whole. At 51% one gets access to the physical asset. NFTs to such exclusive pieces of art provide satisfaction as a collector to own and have stake in classic pieces that are collectible, beautiful and provide a sense of belonging to the exclusive club of art collectors. As an investor it is an amazing opportunity to invest in NFTs of timeless pieces and see them grow in value, hold the NFTs short term, trade, flip or be in it for the long haul and see them grow.

Swissx allows fractional ownership with its NFTs, and one can buy as little as 1% of the entire piece and collect miniature gold coins of the asset. This provides an amazing opportunity to invest in highly exclusive pieces. With being part of the Swissx NFT Club, every month one would also receive the Swissx TV Wellness Box packed with highly popular Swissx curated goodies and access to exclusive content of 600+ Channels of Live TV News & Entertainment.

To understand NFTs in simpler terms, they are unique cryptographic tokens like digital receipts stored on a publicly distributed database, called blockchain, that one can see and verify. These digital receipts contain unique information that can be used to prove who owns the items and the previous transactions that have taken place. The whole idea of blockchain are smart contracts and transparency. It is the digital certificate of ownership that is bought, traded, or sold.

Swissx is the leading wellness brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab that focuses on bringing the best CBD products to the market. It helps people find relief using plant products.  CBD is the most influential compound today in the market for health and wellness and is used for various plant-based therapies.

Swissx is also popular for its streaming service, Swissx TV, providing one of the finest online streaming experience that enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies, music videos and channels in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues.

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