Stress, inflammation and pain are proving to be no match for Swissx’s natural blend of CBD plants in its premium quality muscle and skincare pain relief lotion line. One of the company’s leading lotions is Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream, which is enriched with a unique fusion of all-natural ingredients, including premium Swiss cannabis extract, the lotions naturally relieves stress symptoms, reduces inflammation and alleviates pain.

Research has shown that CBD oil is effective in relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation and alleviating pain. Utilizing those results, Dr. Joseph Cipriano, a chiropractor who uses the alias Dr Joe Back Crack, worked with Swissx to craft a unique blend of organic plants from Malibu, California, essential oils and Nano Emulsified CBD that contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties that reduces emotional and physical stress and pain.

Like all of Swissx’s CBD pain relief lotion, Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream quickly absorbs into users’ skin. It also helps refresh and rejuvenates skin, as it’s also rich in vitamin E. It protects and regenerates all skin types against harmful elements in an increasingly harsh environment, as well. While its anti-aging properties smooths wrinkles, it also simultaneously helps with a wide range of skin conditions naturally and safely with a unique fusion of all-natural ingredients, and without any harmful chemical agents.

Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream is grown from humans’ genetics. The lotion has been turned into the the most advanced high speed Nano Tech emulsification of the cannabinoids, in order to make the most potent fast acting moisturizer. Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream has been approved and certified by the doctor himself.

Swissx users can now purchase Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream in 2, 4 or 6 oz. bottles on its official website. Currently, the 2 oz. bottle is on sale for $30, the 4 oz bottle is on sale for $40 and the 6 oz. bottle is on sale for $50 USD.

Dr. Cracks’ Miracle Body Cream is also included in his Swissx “Chiro to the Stars” Club Subscription Box. Besides the lotion, the doctor’s Club Subscription Box includes up to $200 USD of the latest plant medicine products per delivery, including Dr.Cracks’ Pain Cream joints, flower, oil, soap and chocolate. The Club Subscription Box also includes access to Swissx TV’s official website, including Dr. Cracks channel, as well as Swissx merchandise, including a Swissx team hat and baseball shirt.

Dr. Cracks’ Club Subscription Box is available in one, three, six and twelve month increments. The one month subscription retails for $90, while the three month subscription sells for $250. The six month subscription is worth $480, while the twelve month subscription is valued at $890 USD.

Swissx is one of the leading companies in the world that supports affordable and healthy marijuana and cannabis use. Its products improve the quality of life of people who have genetic predisposition to such ailments as anxiety, depression and insomnia, as well as general physical pain.

In addition to its CBD products, Swissx has also become known for its popular streaming service, Swissx TV. The streaming service enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies and music videos in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues. For more information on Swissx TV, visit the service’s official website.

By Karen Benardello

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