A British Crime drama set in the sixties in the idyllic village of Northumberland.  Inspector George Gently is a highly respected old-fashioned inspector. The team investigates the murders and incidents in the county. Martin Shaw plays the title character Inspector George Gently with Lee Ingleby as his partner Detective Inspector Bacchus. As the show is set in the sixties it touches on a lot of issues that were prevalent then. Also, the policing techniques were quite different, different styles of investigation, treatment etc. George Gently is a copper with a charming personality and a strong sense of justice. He is fearsome, believes in justice and does what is right.

George Gently Still from ‘ Inspector George Gently’

In this episode, Inspector George Gently is at the verge of retirement when he takes up this case. This case tests Gently to the core, gets under his skin, will he be exposing miscarriage of justice, or will he taint his career? Bacchus and Gently clash, all the previous frustrations and grudges come spilling out, making it really a gripping episode to watch.

Watch this episode of Inspector George Gently, the exciting British Crime Drama, airing on Drama Channel on  FilmOn TV at 20:00pm GMT. It can be watched live or recorded and viewed later.

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