Do you ever feel like real-life and social media lines are blurred? Producer Mem Ferda is catering to a growing audience – the social media addicts.

With all the posts, shares, likes, and comments comes a new breed of internet personality, the Social Media Influencer. Influencers spew content across social networks striving to gain approval from their followers. In DEINFLUENCER, Mem Ferda gives an inside look into what happens when social media turns evil.

This is the story of an imprisoned cheerleader who has to complete Social Media Challenges to the liking of her twisted kidnapper.

When speaking with Mem, he mentions, “It’s worrying that youngsters can be easily lured and pressured into conforming to ‘artificial standards’ set by Social Media Influencers and ‘celebrities’ in a desperate need to be accepted by their peers. I felt compelled to spotlight this issue by making the DEINFLUENCER, and giving a horror spin to it!”

DEINFLUENCER is the horror movie redone for the new tech-savvy generation. Tune in October 2022 to see the story unfold. Don’t forget to click the Subscribe button this October.

Directed by Jamie Bailey
Produced by Mem Ferda
Starring; Marie Luciani-Grimaldi, Simon Phillips, Caylin Turner, Anne-Carolyne Binette

Executive Producers: Michael Kraetzer, Sayf Aram, Nicolas Onetti, Rabia Mustafa
Composer: Darren Morze
Production Manager; Vanessa Kammer

Release Date: October 1st

2022 (United States)

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