Scot Storch’s Swissx Cannabis Club Box

Grammy Award-winning record producer, Scott Storch is capturing his fans’ attention once again with his health partnership with Swissx, the Amazon of wellness with a sharper image! The musician is proudly endorsing his Cannabis Club Box, for which he has approved and certified all of its plant medicine contents.

Storch’s fans can enjoy the finest, purest hemp products, which are beautifully packaged, for a uniquely luxurious, Swissx experience. The Cannabis Club Box, which is sent once per month for the entirety of users’ subscriptions, features up to $200 of the latest Swissx products, including joints, flower, oil, soap and chocolates. The Cannabis Club Box also includes such Swissx merchandise as a Swissx team hat and baseball shirt.

Swissx customers who also purchase Storch’s Cannabis Club Box are also given access to 600 live television channels and 250,000 Videos on Demand on the company’s streaming service, Swissx TV. The streaming service, which is one of the most popular in the world, enables viewers to watch live and recorded UK and international television shows, movies and music videos in a variety of genres, including news, sports, drama, comedy, horror, lifestyle, shopping, pop, EDM and blues. More information about Swissx TV can be found on its official website.

Storch’s fans can now purchase his Cannabis Club Box on Swissx’s official website. The box, which is sold for $90 for a one month supply, is also available in three, six and 12 month increments at discounted rates, ranging from $250 to $480 and $890.

Customers can now also gain access to the all-new exclusive members only Swissx Pop Up Club in Malibu, which will be hosted by the company’s owner, Greek billionaire Alki David, on Sunday and Wednesday nights. The location of the much anticipated pop up has now been revealed – the Liquor Store and Cake Dispensary Car Park, Pacific Coast Malibu. The pop up club will begin tonight, Wednesday, May 18, at 7pm PT.

In addition to selling Swissx products, the pop up will also feature a Hologram concert from Scorch, who will be performing live from Miami. Fellow iconic Swissx-endorsed musicians as Chief Keef and Stanley Enow will also be performing at the event.

The plants used in Swissx products are grown in the Caribbean. For customers who wish to further indulge in the Swissx experience, besides purchasing Storch’s Cannabis Club Box and attending the Malibu pop up club, can embark on a Swissx Island Resort vacation. The resorts are equipped with gadgets and cool equipment for visitors to enjoy, including drones, underwater scooters and inflatable beds with jets. More information about the resorts is available on Swissx islands’ official website.

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