CBD and Wellness are almost synonymous these days. The most popular ingredient in wellness products is CBD. This has been due to extensive research and healing properties along with legalisation in the industry. Swissx is one of the industry leaders also known as the Amazon of Wellness with a Sharper Image. Swissx is a highly respected and popular lifestyle brand from the Alpine village in Switzerland. With its plants grown in Caribbean and products made in Switzerland, quality is at the heart of Swissx. Swissx is a very popular brand with many celebrities in Hollywood being its regular customers.

With our daily stresses, anxiety we are all in need to take care of ourselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally. For this, Every Wednesday and Sunday this summer Swissx will set up its pop-up store at be the Liquor Store and Cake Dispensary Car Park, Pacific Coast Malibu. Last week the pop up saw a live Hologram Concert from the Icons of American Music, such as Scott Scorch live from Miami, Chief Keef and Stanley Enow making summer exciting with Swissx.

It is private members only pop up; one can get access to the exclusive Swissx pop up with Swissx TV membership. This membership gets you access to 1000+ channels from around the world along with 5 million movie titles. With this membership you get access to exclusive events, celebrity studded galas, invites to secret concerts and access to exclusive resorts around the world. Along with this, one also gets a box full of Swissx goodies to sample right from, Swissx oils, butter, soaps, joints, flower, lotion etc. The goody box can be customised as per your preference of products.

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Swissx CBD is extracted from organic grown hemp, made from an organic blend of essential oils including bees’ pollen and coconut. It is rich in antioxidants and has multiple health and wellness benefits. It is used as a popular natural pain remedy that helps alleviate chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. In today’s world, where everyone is under stress and leading a fast-paced life, Swissx through its various products such as its Swissx CBD goodies, skincare oils, chocolates and more, provides its legal CBD goodies to your doorstep to help be calm and more mindful towards oneself.

For more information, please visit Swissx Official website.

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