Swissx TV, is the leading AI wellness box with 600+ live TV channels curated from across the world. SWISSXTV allows you to access and watch your favourite shows, movies and videos online anywhere live or recorded at your own convenience. SwissxTV is a fully integrated e-commerce TV that offers real time recommendations to its users and allows one to make easy purchases while watching your favourite shows or movies.

Swissx TV offers a special SEX ED package. It focuses on one’s sexual health. Explore your Sexuality with Dr Sam Edibles offering up an array of incredible 360 VR and Ai.   With your SWISSX TV access one also gets access to the finest cannabis club SWISSX ISLAND. SWISSX ISLAND offers luxurious retreats with exclusive holistic plant medicine therapies. Indulge in your spiritual exploration with SwissxTV.


Swissx TV  also provides access to various live news, entertainment and live sports channels from across the world. It also has 360° VR live events, binaural beats and trans neuro entertainment. The latest partnerships at Swissx TV with the famous Mike Tyson ,  Dr Cracks, a famous celebrity chiropractor, The popular American rapper Ray J, the hip hop mega star Scott Storch, the reggae singer Ganja Farmer Marlon Asher provide entertainment and healing vibes.

Swissx the leading wellness brand from the Swiss Mountain Lab focuses on bringing the best CBD products to the market. It helps people find relief using plant products.  CBD is the most influential compound today in the market for health and wellness. Swissx CBD is extracted from organic grown hemp, made from an organic blend of essential oils including bees’ pollen and coconut. It is rich in anti-oxidants and has multiple health and wellness benefits. It is used as a Popular natural pain remedy that helps alleviate chronic pain, depression, anxiety. In today’s world, where everyone is living a stressed and a fast paced life, SwissX through its various products such as its Swissx CBD goodies, oils, skincare oils , joints, chocolates and more, provides its legal CBD goodies to your doorstep.


To be able to find the best CBD product for you, SwissX has a monthly subscription service with its various products in a box. Every month you will receive your CBD goodies wellness box which can be customised to your needs and preference.

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