Casino mogul Steve Wynn is seen at a news conference in Medford, Mass., on March 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

Civil rights lawyer, Lisa Bloom will pay an undisclosed financial settlement to former Las Vegas casino mogul, Steve Wynn. The latter has accepted the settlement in order to end his federal defamation lawsuit against the Los Angeles-based attorney. In the lawsuit, she represented a dancer who allegedly accused him of sexual harassment and retaliation.

Bloom, who’s the daughter of women’s rights and discrimination attorney Gloria Allred, retracted and withdrew claims she made in a news release in March 2018. In the release, she announced that she represented a woman who claimed Wynn was inappropriate with her. The release also accused him of leering at female performers while he watched rehearsals for ‘Showstoppers’ at the Wynn Las Vegas resort.

The news of Bloom’s retraction was revealed in a settlement document Wynn’s lawyers released yesterday. However, the amount he will receive in the settlement was blacked out in the document, which both he and Bloom signed. The settlement was submitted to U.S. District Judge James Mahan in Las Vegas, who approved the agreement and dismissed the case Monday.

The settlement also said Bloom wanted “to correct the record and state that there has been no evidence obtained that Steve Wynn made inappropriate instructions to dancers, nor that he knew about any inappropriate instructions.”

In response to the settlement announcement, Wynn offered a statement saying he was “pleased” with the agreement.” He also declaring the matter to be “fully settled, including with a retraction.” His attorney, Todd Bice in Las Vegas, said the settlement amount will continue to remain confidential.

Wynn filed his lawsuit against Bloom in April 2018, and initially sought a jury trial and damages of at least $75,000. He has consistently denied the sexual misconduct allegations.

In response, Bloom asked to have the case dismissed, which Mahan denied. She subsequently appealed the decision.

However, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco referred it back to Mahan in March 2021. A jury could find the attorney “acted with actual malice in publishing the release,” a three-judge appellate panel said.

The news of the settlement agreement between Wynn and Bloom comes after Swissx CEO Alki David filed criminal charges against the lawyer and her mother last year for their attempts at making wrongful claims against him. The charges were filed against the legal duo in Swiss International Court after they attempted to coerce a Swiss law firm to make wrongful claims on the businessman’s family home.

David has also collected evidence that Bloom and Allred were operating a criminal insurance syndicate, in his attempts to stop them from causing anymore harm to the public.

The settlement between Wynn and Bloom also comes after Guess clothing empire co-founder, Paul Marciano, accused the attorney of extortion. He said she threatened to publicize a rape claim that she knew was false unless he and his company agreed to pay a settlement.

As a result, Marciano’s lawyers filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on May 2 against Bloom’s client. His lawyers alleged that she crossed the line from legal advocacy to extortion by threatening to publicly brand the fashion mogul a rapist if he didn’t pay a large amount of money to settle the dispute with her client, an aspiring model.

Bloom knew the accusation wasn’t true because her client told her so, the complaint from Marciano’ lawyers also said. But she still forwarded a draft complaint to them, urging them to settle the case.

Marciano’s lawyerss also pointed out that Bloom is known to threaten people and companies with publicizing damaging allegations in a lawsuit or at a news conference unless a settlement is paid out. Along with David and his lawyers, Marciano and his legal team is continuing their fight to not only stop Bloom from damaging them and their companies, but also other innocent people she’s wrongfully targeting.

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