Maurice Symonette, who also goes by the alias Michael the Black Man, the founder of the Blacks for Trump movement, surrounded by his supporters.

Trailblazing political figure, Maurice Symonette, who’s famously known as Michael the Black Man, is continuing his pursuit to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed to him as an American. The political leader, who hails from Miami, is also fighting to protect the rights of his fellow Americans, particularly minorities, on his famed Filmon TV political channel, Michael The Black Man Politics.

The channel of the outspoken supporter of former US president Donald Trump shares the Floridian leader’s political beliefs and backing for the Republican party, particularly in his home state. Michael The Black Man has also garnered national prominence outside of his home city and state in recent years for appearing at the former commander-in-chief’s rallies, both before and after the 2016 presidential election, holding a “Blacks for Trump” sign.

Michael The Black Man Politics also features the support he has given to other political leaders, including Dr. Mehmet Oz. Former President Trump also endorsed the television personality in Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate primary this past spring.

The Blacks for Trump founder has also shared videos on his FilmOn TV channel that chronicle his partnership with former President Trump in endorsing John Gibson as he runs for political office. Celebrated Black Grammy Award-winning musicians and politicians joined Michael The Black Man and the former commander-in-chief at the latter’s Palm Beach-set resort, Mar-a-Lago.

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