Musician: Zach Churchill: Vocals, guitar; Tom Rasulo: Drums; Chris Cunningham: Bass; and Ross Sellers: Lead Guitar

Single: ‘Surrender;’ Release Date: July 15, 2022; Producer: Tom Rasulo

Some of the most spellbinding, relatable songs are those that inspire thought-provoking self-inquiry into how a person can overcome their sense of hopelessness through positive healing practices. Los Angeles-based Americana singer songwriter-guitarist, Zach Churchill is encouraging such self examination in his listeners as he bares his soul without reservation on his recently released folk track, ‘Surrender.’

The pop-alternative rock tune serves as the lead single from the musician’s confessional upcoming album, ‘Greater Than,’ which is set to be released on October 28. On the song, Chruchill courageously shares the difficult feelings and addiction he has contended with as a result of the painful trauma he has endured in his life. In equally vulnerable and edgy vocals that are reminiscent of his fellow alternative-rock singer-songwriter-guitarist, Jeff Buckley, Churchill croons an an absorbing narrative about the struggles and hopelessness he contended with while dealing with addiction.

The up-and-coming musician’s genuine storytelling, which thrives on its message of the importance of having hope during the healing process, is backed by the track’s dark bass and guitar chords, pulsating drum beats and tantalizing piano bridge between the chorus. The rich boldness of the electric and acoustic guitars and the drums’ and piano’s dulcet tones emphasize the tune’s overall evocative melody as he reflects on his current circumstances and painful experiences.

Churchill’s vulnerable vocal execution, enduring and relatable lyrical narrative and alluring instrumentation make ‘Surrender’ an instant classic pop-rock ballad. The folk single’s elegant vocals, lyrics and melodies represents the musician’s powerful transition from continuously struggling with pain to his eventual acceptance that he can overcome his fears and feel empowered in life.

For more information on Churchill, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify and SoundCloud pages, as well as his Youtube channel.

Singer-songwriter-guitarist Zach Churchill, who has released the pop-alternative rock-folk single, ‘Surrender.’

By Karen Benardello

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