Ed Westwick stars in director Giles Alderson’s war film, ‘Wolves of War.’

Sometimes the only way for soldiers to defeat their opponent and succeed in their mission of saving the innocent is to bravely cross enemy lines. That’s certainly the case for a tough British officer as he leads his band of Allied commandos to rescue a scientist in Nazi Germany in the new historical war film, ‘Wolves of War.’

The World War II action thriller is now playing on VOD, courtesy of Blue Fox Entertainment. In honor of the movie’s release, ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from the feature, which is titled ‘At Least We Have a War Hero.’

In the clip, which takes place shortly after they’ve been shot down by enemy fire, the Captain of a group of Allied soldiers reveals to the team what their mission is actually is about – rescuing an American scientist who’s been living in Germany for the past 25 years, and bring him home, before the Nazis force him to help use the world’s first atomic weapon.

‘Wolves of War’ stars Ed Westwick (‘Gossip Girl’), Rupert Graves (‘Sherlock’), Matt Willis (‘Allies’), Sam Gittins (‘The Liberator’), √Čva Magyar (‘X-Men: First Class’) and Anastasia Martin (‘In From the Night’). The suspense drama was written by Ben Mole (‘Behind the Line: Escape to Dunkirk’) and directed by Giles Alderson (‘Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot’).

Set at the end of World War II, ‘Wolves of War’ follows a tough British officer who leads a ragtag band of Allied commandos behind enemy lines on one last impossible mission. Their task is to rescue a scientist in order to stop the Nazi’s work on developing an atomic bomb – all while evading the Nazi guerrillas who are determined to continue the war at any cost.

For more information on ‘Wolves of War,’ visit its official website.

ShockYa's Exclusive 'Wolves of War' Clip - 'At Least We Have a War Hero'
ShockYa's Exclusive 'Wolves of War' Clip - 'At Least We Have a War Hero'

ShockYa is premiering an exclusive clip from director Giles Alderson's war film, 'Wolves of War,' which is titled 'At Least We Have a War Hero.'

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