Writer-director Michael Koch returns with his second feature film, A Piece of Sky, which is set in a remote village in Switzerland and follows Anna (Michèle Brand), who meets a new arrival, Marco (Simon Wisler), who is diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after their wedding. Their romance is tested by Marco’s worsening condition and the quiet environment around them.

Koch uses the mountain setting to enhance the power of his story, which changes its backdrop as the seasons pass and a musical choir serves to give it an additional power. ShockYa had the chance to speak with Koch about the inspiration for the film, the advantages and challenges of working with a cast of non-professional actors and a mountain landscape, and how audiences have responded in Switzerland, Europe, and beyond.

A Piece of Sky made its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival and screened recently at the Vancouver Film Festival. It has been selected as Switzerland’s official Oscars submission for Best International Feature.

Watch our exclusive interview with Michael Koch above, and learn more about the film here.

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