Swissx CEO Alki David is continuing his legal fight against California-based civil rights lawyers, Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred and her daughter, Lisa Bloom, who have wrongfully accused him of crimes he hasn’t committed over the past decade. In his most recent video that he has posted on his social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram, he teases new information that he has in his case against the trio, who he collectively refers to as Scam Inc.

In the video, David noted that the woman who accused him of rape, under the guidance of Allred, has turned against the attorney and recant her statement. The purported victim recanted her statement after evidence was exposed that the billionaire businessman was innocent of all charges.

Besides explaining that he was wrongfully accused of rape in the video, David also repeated a story he shared over the summer. On two separate days in the same week, His car and truck were both stolen while they were parked in front of his Malibu house. He stated that the police department actually paid the robber to break onto his property and steal the vehicles.

David became so frustrated that the sheriff’s office caused the situation that he set off the security alarm in his house. When officers arrived on the scene, instead of helping him with the robbery, they instead arrested him over a parking violation, which he resisted. The judge that was assigned to the case ultimately sided with the businessman, and agreed that the arrest was unwarranted.

The businessman then went on to reveal that his internet streaming services, including Filmon TV, were quickly becoming so popular when they were first launched that they caused a disruption tot the television market. As a result, the members of Scam Inc. wanted him dead. In order to protect himself, he has spent years trying to get the FBI involved in the case, but the agents don’t appear to be interested in helping his cause.

David also insinuated that Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye was also involved in Scam Inc.’s crime. She has said on numerous occasions that the state of California needs reform, which is ironic.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye

David has spent more than a decade trying to stop Girardi, Allred and Bloom and their fellow criminal lawyers across California. He has vowed to continue bringing the evidence that they have falsified witness lists, put pressure on witnesses, made threats and filed defamation lawsuits to the FBI and public, in an effort to finally stop Scam Inc., once and for all, and bring reform to the state.

Stay tuned to ShockYa for more information from David on his continued fight against the illegal injustices being committed against him and the entire state of California by Girardi, Allred and Bloom and their Scam Inc. associates.

By Grady Owen

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