Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumental Jenn Vix releases her new pop-R&B-rock-electronic-trap single, ‘Mr. Strange.’

Artist: Jenn Vix: synths, vocals, arrangement and lyrics; exclusive beat by Profit Money

Single: ‘Mr. Strange;’ Release Date: October 7, 2022; Label: Umbrella Music Co.; Producer: Vix; Mastered by Colin Leonard at SING

Feeling the pressure to confirm to society’s expectations and ideas on how a woman should lead her romantic life has long presented unobtainable expectations that many women refuse to try to attain. That’s certainly the case for Rhode Island-based singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist, Jenn Vix. The versatile, independent musician has taken cues from such similar strong female pop-R&B-rock artists as Halsey, Annie Lennox, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine and Shirley Manson of Garbage on her newly released electronic-trip single, ‘Mr. Strange.’

The explosive feminist-themed song continues Vix’s fearlessly outspoken lyricism detailing adventures with a male, which she suggestively hints may be a blow up doll. The musician isn’t afraid to not only comment on one of society’s most taboo subjects. Embracing the subject communicates her powerful message that women don’t need to confirm to society’s expectation that they quickly form a meaningful, lasting romantic relationship with a man early in their young adult years in order to feel fulfilled.

Driven by up-tempo synthesizers and catchy percussion beats and keyboard riffs that support Vix’s commanding vocals, throughout ‘Mr. Strange’ the singer freely shares her happiness over nixing societal expectations over how she leads her romantic life and instead finding happiness in her adventures with her male blow-up doll. The track is a stunning anthem about women not leaning on societal pressures to find their own personal happiness, but instead embracing their survival instincts to find their own happiness. She proclaims that nothing felt right in her life until she found a connection with the titular character.

‘Mr. Strange’ is a powerful, personal representation of the feelings Vix has endured and relatable experiences she gone through. Set against an intriguing mix of uptempo ’80’s inspired pop-R&B-rock-electronic-trap synthesizers, percussion beats and keyboard riffs, the tune’s feminist-themed lyrics continue Vix’s fearlessly outspoken message that women can find happiness and fulfillment on their own without the presence of a man.

For more information on Vix, visit her official website, as well as her Spotify, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.

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