Jamie Diamon LEFT Hollywood Agent Ari Emanuel RIGHT share Sam Bankman-Fried’s financial secrets

Staggering video evidence of secretly filmed video, shows Hollywood’s Mega Agent Ari Emanuel receiving private client account information from JP Morgan Chase CEO, Jamie Dimon, including discussions of Payments to client accounts like disgraced Sam Bankman Freid’s FTX crypto trading platform.

The explosive video shows an email exchange between Jamie Dimon and Ari Emanuel, with Dimon openly discussing his clients’ private information, account balances and weaknesses in his own clients’ businesses.

Please refer to an Open Letter (Nov 3rd 2022), apologizing to the California public for the terrible damage done by one Thomas Vincent Girardi.


Supreme Court Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye admitted to the LA times that total reform is needed. Rich from a lady who took more bribes than most from Girardi.

The videos of Dimon and Emanuel’s email exchange is part of documentary film that exposes the Tom Girardi State Bar Syndicate with video evidence that exposes over 250 lawyers, civil servants, politicians and Hollywood Media types taking bribes for a variety of corrupt activities including murder, extortion and obstruction of justice.

Shockya and TVMix previously reported on the Girardi Syndicate’s use of the Yellowstone Lodge where video cameras were positioned throughout rooms filled with sex workers and compromised justices, politicians and bankers.

Tom Girardi Yellowstone Lodge in montana

One member of the Hollywood Kabal most likely to talk is Michael Avanatti; He was recently incarcerated for fourteen years after being found guilty of wire fraud and theft of client funds. The source of the video remains unknown until the said UNNAMED film’s release in February. Avanatti was the head of the San Diego Network for Tom Girardi and the then imprisoned LA Sheriff Lee Baca.

The Comcast TV lawyers like Avanatti, Allred, Bloom, Newsom, Girardi and others used by the Chinese Communist State to exploit the American mind share also include Gloria Allred, and her daughter Lisa Bloom. The two often appear on Comcast and MSNBC News shows to wrongfully accuse Victims of concocted political movements like “ME TOO” and do all kinds of defamatory damage.

Rose McGowan the power child of Me Too turned on Lisa Bloom when she was representing Harvey Weinstein whilst Bloom’s mother Gloria Allred was putting Weinstein in jail in New York.

In Los Angeles it must be noted that Gavin Newsom’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom was recently kicked out of Court for lying in the Harvey Weinstein Trial as were two other clients of Gloria Allred.

Another video that has emerged is one of Gavin Newsom being anally penetrated by a prostitute in an LA hotel whilst taking cash bribes. Allred takes cash bribes in the very same 80’s Porsche she was in when I recently confronted her at the Ralph’s supermarket in Malibu. Four minutes of bliss….

Other emails between Dimon and Emanuel discuss the financial strategy to produce and exploit divisive content produced by China State owned Comcast Ventures as well as China owned Disney, MSNBC, NBC and other giant media brands owned by the Chinese Communist Party. In fact Comcast Ventures carries over 200 such companies including Vimeo and Vox.

Comcast Ventures along with Amazon are the two largest private prison system operators in the USA. Comcast NBC itself owns two thousand other publishing and ratings brands around the World further massaging global mind share.

More worryingly Comcast Ventures also owns and operates the the Digital Broadcast Towers found all across North and South America as well as Europe and Asia. Essentially controlling Global Media mind share since 2015 which was the year that a decades old Federal Communications Commission rule was broken and foreign ownership of American TV stations and its “Over The Air Spectrum” was wrongfully sold to China.

With the FCC’s spectrum licenses Comcast has been able to spread its web of NextGen broadcast software. Worryingly NextGen is also China State owned software company that operates the Privatized US Prison Systems that Comcast Ventures owns. NextGen also operates American health insurance records as well as having switched from Pacer the Federal Justice filing system to NextGen handling the United States Legal filing network!

Stories on Girardi first published by Shockya and then by the Los Angeles Times exposed the extraordinary corruption that the Girardi Syndicate inflicted on the general public.

Over 150 ignored complaints were made to the State Bar of California regarding Girardi’s crimes and his stealing of Billions of dollars in client payouts which according to the LA times he then funnelled the laundered funds back through Jamie Dimon’s financial systems that he controls as the CEO of the USA’s largest bank.

Girardi whose ex wife Erika Jayne is a regular feature in Housewives of Beverly Hills on Comcast stations is currently hiding from the heat claiming conservatory-ship and in legal care of his own brother.

My name is Alki David, I am a well-known entrepreneur and I live in Los Angeles and am a victim of the Girardi Syndicate.

Joseph Chora of Chora Young in LA has a 30 year old daughter Jasmine Chora has been arrested for prostitution, at the Chora family home, twice. I have stood in a Courtroom with Judge Jolanda Orozco and Joseph Chora. Orozco was threatening to put me in jail for Contempt which Chora had fabricated.

Chora and Orozco threatened me, demanding that I tell them where my money is. In fact I told her to go fuck herself in that contempt hearing and made sure the Court reporter put it on record. Finally after a year of screaming abuse at the woman she let go and recused herself.

Here is the video of me berating the officers at Stanley Mosk Court House where most of the Kabal’s activities have taken place recently as Justices from San Diego are starting to go to jail for their connection to Girardi.

Tom Girardi accused me of raping one Jane Dough aka Marguerita Nichols. A story you can read here. When that didn’t work and Marguerita ran away to Lebanon in fear of her life from the Girardi Syndicate, they went on to kill one by one my lawyers. This time it was John Quirk killed in Turkey while investigating Gloria Allred.

I am best known for my antics in Los Angeles Courthouses where I have remained indignant whilst facing all kinds of creepy concocted lawsuits from a variety of known legal thugs like Tom Girardi and Joseph Chora and Dordick. Dordick is in jail for stealing funds too, yet Girardi is still able to extort from me from afar. It’s incredible that no one is grown up enough to say anything.

The report John Quirk delivered is staggering and further confirms that Allred, Bloom and others are indeed part of a creepy child molesting Kabal. Other lawyers of mine who have died suddenly and mysteriously included Rebecca Rini my FCC lawyer and Barry Rothman who was defending me from fictional lawsuits created by Gloria Allred other Comcast goon lawyers.

I have been wrongfully arrested and put in cuffs and held in a cell on a parking violation that a Judge later dismissed.

The Girardi Appeals panel Judges at Stanley Mosk actually inserted false statements from two ex employees of mine. One Gary Shoefield and One Yelena Calendar have written statements under penalty of perjury that they never said the hostile words that the crooked Girardi judges said. Completely false and made up by Judges who then sealed the document from the public.

My ex employees Lauren Reeves and Elizabeth Taylor were given $50,000 to lie in each-others complaints against me in court in order to discredit me and get wrongful judgements. But I have supporters in Rose McGowan, Chris Brown, Steve Wynn and even 50 Cent all of who know what’s happening in Hollywood.

Ari Emanuel CEO of Endeavor Group Holdings has said, “There’s more acquisitions that we want to make. With Disney, Comcast and AT&T. We’re looking at stuff right now.”

I don’t think he’d be interested in what we have to offer… Prior to this article’s publication we were advised that the Los Angeles “Kabal” led by Ari Emanuel would throw Tom Girardi to the dogs and that he will be “killing himself” in the coming days.

Meanwhile Dimon’s Kabal will try to figure out how they are going to stay out of jail. They wont. I promise. The forces that have handed these videos over will be disclosed in the coming days. Stay tuned, the World is about to change.


Alki David

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.

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