Has someone you known died suddenly from heart complications or unexplained death after receiving the COVID 19 vaccine? Then you are not alone.

Rasmussan Reports has published a recent poll and almost half of Americans 49% believe that someone they know has died of COVID 19 vaccine complications and 28% believe that it’s highly likely. So, why the hell is it not being covered by the mainstream media?

Have you heard of Uche Nwaneri, he was a National Football League offensive lineman for the Jacksonville Jaguars who recently made this tweet.

Nwaneri died suddenly from acute heart failure. He played 7 seasons with 92 starts out of 104 games, seemingly healthy. He was only 38. We know that Myocarditis and Pericarditis are listed side effects of the mRNA vaccines.

Doctors and funeral directors and finding blood clots that are not made of human DNA, but instead composed of synthetic tissue. Conspiracy theory? I say not, this is a massive coverup by pharmaceutical companies, the media and the government alike.

Did you know that Haiti, one of these poorest counties has the lowest COVID 19 related deaths in the world while being mostly unvaccinated? Until July 2021, not a single dose of vaccine had been administered with only 860 total deaths to date.

Let’s talk about women’s reproductive health. Did you know that the reports of Miscarriages and Stillbirths have grown at an alarming rate since the introduction of the vaccine? So much that the OpenVAERS reports these deaths post vaccine in a handy set of charts.

There are countless stories of healthy individuals who have died suddenly after a vaccine dose. Druthers has reported that 80 fully vaccinated Canadian doctors have died suddenly. This story was immediately covered up by the usual liberal fact checkers AP, Polifact, Reuters, but why?

Follow the money. Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making $1,000 profit every second on vaccine sales. Pfizer corporation projected 34 billion in annual sales in 2022 alone spending millions of dollars marketing their products in the very networks covering up these stories. During the pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) gross domestic product surged 4.8%. Think about the money being spent on masks, tests and other Covid related products.

These profits are coming largely from rich countries, leaving only 2% of the poorest nations unvaccinated, for now.

The US Government recently donated 500,000 doses to Haiti through a program called COVAX that receives from private organizations, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Yes, Bill Gates, but let’s go down that rabbit hole at a later date.

So, the vaccine is apparently dangerous and Big Pharma, the Government coupled with the mainstream media are trying to paint a very different picture? Do they really believe that they are saving lives? Maybe, or maybe it’s something quite more sinister.

I say, follow the f*cking science!

By Jeff Stevens

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