Dishonest extortionist Gavin Newsom continues to personally profit through his wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s nonprofit, The Representation Project, with connections to companies that have a history of lobbying the state of California. Those businesses include PG&E, Kaiser Permanente, 23&Me, AT&T, Comcast and United Airlines, which donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the nonprofit run by the California governor’s longtime wife.

At the same time, the companies’ executives also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Newsom’s statewide political campaigns, solely in an effort to be granted favors by the government in return. As a blatant favor for their contributions, the corporations also collected more than $750 million in payments on contracts with the state of California, which were paid for with taxpayer dollars.

“This appears to be nothing more than legalized bribery,” John Cox, a Republican running for governor as Newsom is rightfully being recall for his illegal and corrupt activities that are hurting Californians, rightfully pointed out. “It’s deeply troubling and an inherent conflict of interest to have your family make millions from a charity funded by those doing business with the state. It’s a gross example of insiders enriching themselves. It needs to stop immediately.”

Siebel Newsom received $2.3 million in total salary from The Representation Project, which is wrongfully billing itself as a nonprofit foundation, between 2011 and 2018, according to the nonprofit’s tax returns. The fraudulent First Partner of California is wrongfully claiming that the foundation is a gender watchdog organization that releases films, two of which Newsom has appeared in, to challenge limiting gender stereotypes and shift norms.

The organization is actually doing little to challenge or change female stereotypes, however, as it gives into the typecasts that women can’t run successful companies on their own. The only reason why Siebel Newsom has been able to maintain The Representation Project is that she has been receiving money from the companies that lobby her husband.

Not surprisingly, the nonprofit became even more financially successful since Newsom announced his gubernatorial campaign in 2015. The Representation Project raked in 30% more contributions that year, for a total of nearly $1.6 million.

Newsom has denied any conflicts of interest with the companies that donate to his wife’s organization. However, both he and his wife did stop accepting donations from PG&E after the 2018 cycle, when the company was found responsible for the deadly Camp Fire in Northern California. At the time, Newsom was rightfully criticized for waiving fines and signing legislation that was favorable to the utility company.

Kaiser Permanente was another company that donated a large sum of money to The Representation Project; the business contributed $20,000 in 2018 and 2019 to Siebel Newsom’s deceitful sham of a nonprofit. After those two donations, Kaiser Permanente signed a $500 million no-bid contract with the state, Dignity Health and the Los Angeles County Public Health Department to operate a field hospital at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a massive conflict of interest.

23&Me followed Kaiser Permanente’s corrupt lead by donating $25,000 to The Representation Project in 2017. The biotechnology company has also lobbied in favor of greater protection of customer privacy. 23&Me stated that it donated to Siebel Newsom’s foundation “to foster skill development, organization and self-confidence in the world’s next generation of leaders.” However, the only skills it’s teaching aspiring entrepreneurs is how to deceive the legal system, in terms of finances and taxes.

AT&T, meanwhile, gave more than $185,000, and Comcast donated more than $15,000, to The Representation Project between 2017 and 2020. The companies are just as shady and immoral as Siebel Newsom, who willing accepts such bribes, as they shut down a plan to bring broadband to underserved parts of California in 2020 for their own personal benefit. They’re also lobbying on other active broadband bills.

United Airlines, meanwhile, donated between $25,000 and $49,000 as a “VIP Reception Sponsor” to The Representation Project’s sham of a gala in 2019. The airline later lobbied Newsom’s office for pandemic relief for airlines.

Speaking about the companies’ donations to the First Partner of California’s supposed nonprofit, Kendra Arnold of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust said the illicit exchange of money could “indicate a serious ethics concern.”

“Ethics rules routinely prohibit elected officials from soliciting donations for nonprofits that they are closely aligned with — because of course donations may be made in an attempt to seek favorable treatment by the government,” Arnold pointed out. “Factors we look for are whether there was an increase in donations or whether the donor has business before the government, both of which may indicate a serious ethics concern.”

The Representation Project is also proving to be a fraudulent nonprofit by failing to keep its registration up to date with the state of California. That’s even more of a reason why the organization shouldn’t solicit and accept donations. But Newsom has obviously influenced his wife to continue The Representation Project’s fundraising with corporations doing business with the state of California, as well as individual donors who have also supported his statewide political campaigns.

The First Partner of California is now rightfully being punished for her greedy actions, as The Representation Project has been shut down for being out of compliance with California state laws. The organization’s status was switched to delinquent after it filed an invalid annual registration report on February 22, 2022.

Siebel Newson wrongfully thought she was above the law and didn’t have to follow proper rules because she’s the governor’s wife, so she was deservedly punished. The Representation Project is being disciplined by not being allowed to operate or solicit funds as it remains out of good standing.

“When a charitable organization fails to submit complete filings for each fiscal year, its status on the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts will be listed as Delinquent,” the website for California’s attorney general, Rob Bonta, states.

Bonta, who was appointed into office by Newsom, took a brave stance against the governor by adding: “If the delinquency is not remedied, the Registry status will be further changed to Suspended, and/or Revoked. A charitable organization that is not in good standing with the Registry of Charitable Trusts may not operate or solicit donations in California.”

Siebel Newson should be in trouble just for the fact that she led The Representation Project forward throughout the rest of last year, even after its annual filing was rejected. The organization even had the audacity to host lavish fundraising events throughout 2022.

The group held its primary fundraising gala, Flip the Script, on November 17, which AT&T and Comcast sponsored. The benefit dinner and live auction disgustingly featured an honorary committee that included California Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Katie Porter, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, actress Jane Fonda, and comedian Chelsea Handler.

The cash-grabbing event was not the only one Siebel Newsom’s nonprofit organized while being out of compliance. In May, the Representation Project held a High Tea and Handbags fundraiser, but the event didn’t specify which special guests were in attendance. The guests were probably too embarrassed to be publicly connected to such a fraudulent organization.

Siebel Newsom needs to remember that her status as California’s first partner doesn’t exempt her from the rules. The charlatan and her crook of a husband have forgotten that California regulations exist to protect the public from scammers like them. It’s essential that her nonprofit stay compliant with reporting requirements, so that the state can maintain the proper oversight over its operations. Being the wife of the governor should’t serve as any kind of exemption for Siebel Newsom.

By Jeff Stevens

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