Dr. Kevin Sadati has been dubbed “The Butcher of Orange County” by some of his patients. They are shocked he is still practicing. A patient of Dr. Sadati came to us with her story. She claims the doctor almost killed her and wishes to stay anonymous. We started to do research on Dr. Sadati in search of other patients. Our investigation found two malpractice cases in Orange County Superior court in California. There is one active case, and the other looks like it never got off the ground. The dismissed case seems to be due to an obscure civil procedure which requires an out-of-state resident to need a bond when suing someone in California. What we found more interesting is that US Senate Candidate and two-time Congressional candidate Ronda Kennedy is representing the Plaintiff in Dr. Sadati’s pending malpractice case.

She talks about the California business and professional code 2259.8 applicable to doctors, which states, “an elective cosmetic surgery procedure may not be performed on a patient unless the patient has received, within 30 days prior to the elective cosmetic surgery procedure, and confirmed as up-to-date on the day of the procedure, an appropriate physical examination by, and written clearance for the procedure from Bus. code 2259.8 She says it was shocking that Dr. Sadati appeared not to know about this code. It was named the Donna West Bill after Kanye West’s mother died one day after having cosmetic surgery. Her death could have been avoided had a pre-op medical clearance been done before surgery.

We caught up with Ms. Kennedy by phone, she was busy preparing for the trial, which starts on Tuesday, February 21, 2023. Ms. Kennedy was also concerned that most of the victims of bad cosmetic doctors are women. Doctors target women and often advertise “Mommy Makeovers” these are moms who may not feel good about their body change after having a baby. Ms. Kennedy stated she is all for women doing what they want with their bodies, however she wants to make sure it’s done safely, and doctors follow the law. She states she will make this part of her Senate platform that the Donna West law should be a federal law.

This Ronda Kennedy notably ran against Adam Shichiff for Congressinal seat 30, this is not the first time we followed Ronda Kennedy in the Courtroom many of you may recall McDougall v Ventura County. In that case Ms. Kennedy sued the county of Ventura for closing gun stores deeming them “non-essental.” She also susseffully defended eight businesses against the County of Ventura, who refused to close during the COVID clsoures.

We see Ms. Kennedy is now attempting to make changes in patient rights and safety.

The current complaint Ms. Kennedy is prosecuting alleges malpractice resulting from a botched facelift, the plaintiff alleges amongst other things permanent nerve damage which includes permanent disfigurement, leaving her with a lopsided smile, uneven ears, and an oddly-shaped chin.

Court records show that there was an attempt to continue the trial by Ms. Kennedy and an attempt to amend the complaint, all denied by the judge. After pulling the court files the motion to amend the complaint added several new allegations including a violaition of Business Professional Code 2259.8.

There were also pages of Dr. Sadati’s transcripts attached to the motion. In review of those transcripts Dr. Sadati was asked if he had been sued for Medical Mal Practice before, the doctor answered NO. We know that that is not true, court records show that a complaint was filed against Dr. Sadati on July 19, 2021. (complaint attached)

Yelp has multiple self-reported patients claiming they have suffered disfigurement after undergoing surgery with Dr. Sadati. The patients claim that they were promised dramatic improvements to their appearance, only to be left with botched surgeries that have devastated their lives.

This picture was posted to Yelp by Cynthia L., who claims that she suffered a life-threatening infection after seeing Dr. Sadati for a facelift. She claims this caused her thousands of dollars in extra costs, and when she saw Dr. Sadait about it, he dismissed her, claimed it wasn’t from him and handed her a brochure before sending her away. Dr. Sadati responded to her post, claiming they were trying to get ahold of her to address the issue, but it is unclear whether this is true.

In one of the yelp reviews, someone identified herself as Natalie, reportedly seeking facial fat grafting from Dr. Sadati. Natalie claims that she received no visible difference in the volume of her face post-recovery from the fat grafting procedure and noticed several abnormalities under her eyes, including a lump that formed a few weeks post-op. She stated that in response to the lump, Dr. Sadati allegedly administered a microdose of Kybella, a medication that is only FDA-approved for submental fat (double chin). However, Natalie claims that Dr. Sadati did not inform her of the potential risks of using the drug outside the submental region, including nerve injury, tissue cell death, and blindness.

The Report from Natalie said that after weeks, she noticed a track mark, irregularities, and hollowing around the injection site. The track mark extended horizontally across the entire length of her tear trough, leaving a 2-3 inch arched line carved out in her left tear trough/under eye area. She claims it was the Kybella that had caused it.

These victims are just a small showing of the multiple patient complaints made to Dr. Sadati for botched surgeries. Yelp has several pictures and horror stories about his services and the aftermath. Whether this proves to be true, the allegations against Dr. Sadati warn anyone considering plastic surgery. Patients are urged to thoroughly research their medical professionals and ensure they are fully qualified and reputable before undergoing any procedure. In some cases, the victims of alleged malpractice are left to deal with the pain of disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

We will be following this case closely, we will do an updated article on the outcome of the upcoming trial.

We wish Ms. Kennedy luck in her upcoming Nevada Senante race, as some of you know I am a bit of a Ronda Kennedy fan. I’ve followed her political caeer since her run for the State Assembly, I will be following her on her 2024 bid for US Senante.

By Jeff Stevens

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