@sarahmillerdc Sarah Miller, an antitrust activist with strong ties to left-wing advocacy groups

In a surprising move, the Federal Trade Commission has brought on Sarah Miller, an antitrust activist with strong ties to left-wing advocacy groups, to serve as a special adviser. Miller is known for her outspoken lobbying efforts to push for federal investigations into Elon Musk’s business practices, specifically regarding antitrust concerns.

Miller founded the American Economic Liberties Project, an organization that has been highly critical of big tech companies and their impact on the economy. Her appointment comes at a time when the FTC is ramping up its investigation into Twitter‘s security practices under Musk.

The move has raised some eyebrows among conservative critics, who see Miller’s close relationship with left-wing advocacy groups as a potential conflict of interest. Some have even accused FTC Chair Lina Khan, who appointed Miller, of “weaponizing” the agency to further a partisan agenda.

Despite the controversy, Miller is expected to play a key role in the FTC’s ongoing investigation into Musk’s business practices. Her appointment highlights the growing concern over antitrust issues in the tech industry and the need for increased government oversight.

By Grady Owen

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