In a major development, the House Oversight Committee has been granted access to review suspicious activity reports related to President Biden‘s family. This announcement was made by committee chairman James Comer, who believes that the records submitted by banks to the US government could shed light on the foreign income of the first family and the millions earned by Hunter Biden and James Biden in countries where their powerful relative held sway.

The Treasury Department had initially been reluctant to provide access to the reports, but after months of pressure from the committee, they have finally relented. Comer, who had subpoenaed 14 years of bank records in the Hunter Biden probe, has been particularly vocal about the need for transparency and accountability in this matter.

The reports are expected to provide new details about the Biden family’s financial dealings in China, Russia, Ukraine, and potentially other countries. Given the controversial nature of these transactions, this news is likely to be of great interest to the American public.

It remains to be seen what the committee will uncover from the reports, but one thing is certain: this is a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s finances. The eyes of the nation will be on the House Oversight Committee as they delve deeper into this matter, and it is clear that this story is far from over.

By Grady Owen

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