(L-R): Chinese President President Xi Jinping and?U.S. President Joe Biden

In a recent survey conducted by a well-known polling agency, it was revealed that the opinions of Democrats and Republicans diverge significantly on the issue of national security threats. The study found that a whopping 38% of Democrats view Russia as the primary threat to the United States, while only 10% of Republicans shared this view.

Interestingly, the majority of Independents surveyed held a different perspective altogether. A resounding 64% of Independents considered China as the primary enemy of the United States, with only 18% citing Russia as the greatest threat. These results are in line with recent events, including China’s large-scale military exercises around Taiwan, which have raised tensions in the region.

The survey’s findings are likely to add fuel to the ongoing debate over the country’s foreign policy and the threats it faces from its adversaries. The study highlights the importance of addressing these concerns and working towards ensuring the nation’s security in the face of evolving threats from around the globe.

By Grady Owen

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