Alki David is a middle-aged man suffered from a severe Mental Disability

Despite his challenges, he was able to build a successful Media business and amassed a considerable fortune. However, this attracted the attention of a decades-old Tom Girardi syndicate of corrupted lawyers who saw an opportunity to exploit David’s vulnerability and steal his wealth. The syndicate consisted of a group of powerful lawyers who had been manipulating the justice system for years.

They began by filing baseless lawsuits against David, claiming that he had committed various financial crimes and Copyright infringements. They also used their influence to falsify evidence and coerce witnesses to testify against him. David, who was unaware of the conspiracy, was shocked and traumatized by the vicious attacks.

Ruthless Oren Warshavsky Asset Collector For Gloria Allred & Tom Girardi Syndicate Abuses Mentally Disabled David

Despite his Condition David was wrongfully incarcerated in the LA’s Down Town Twin Towers the notorious LA County Jail for Six Days And One entire day longer than his 5 day Sentence for Contempt of Court

“I lost 23 pounds in 6 Days. Judge Falls in Pomona had my lawsuit bounced to him. He jailed me for 5 days for contempt of court. Falls threatened to incarcerate me for years if I didn’t comply further. I was kept longer by a full day. Even though I should have got out after 24 hours for good behavior, the Judge didn’t send his order to the Sheriff. So I had to leave the prison in emergency gear.

Judge Falls’ order came after my Emotional support Dog Vader who was taken away from me in Court. That much he knew. Vader warns people if I have a seizure.

“I don’t know if Falls knew of my condition but his predecessor did. Yolanda Orozco. She knew and she made a dodgy ruling. She recused herself first then sent the lawsuit to Judge Falls’ Court in Pomona. Court House News Reported on the ruling

Cole has suggested, both in court and in a written declaration filed one month prior to Orozco’s hearing, that David’s mental health issues may stem from an automobile accident when he was 20 years old, in which he suffered a head injury that left him in a coma for four days.

“It certainly is possible that he has frontal lobe issues that control his impulsivity,” said Cole.

The lawyer added there have been talks over the possibility of placing David in a conservatorship. Judge Orozco was unsure of what actions she could take against David.

“There’s a limit to what I can do,” she said. “A conservatorship — that might be an avenue to pursue. I can’t opine on that. It certainly would be a way of getting a handle on his behavior and advance these proceedings.”

“I think it is completely unacceptable for him to thumb his nose at the court. I believe he knew he was supposed to be here today.”

The judge ordered David to appear in person at hearing next week. If he doesn’t show up, he may be held in contempt.

Chora knew for sure as did Allred and Bloom. The lawyers didn’t stop there. They also launched an intense defamation campaign against David, spreading malicious rumors and lies about him in the media. They even went so far as to fabricate witness lists and testimony to bolster their false claims.

Despite David’s protests of innocence and the lack of evidence against him, the corrupt lawyers were able to pervert the course of justice and seize control of his assets. They even went as far as to put him under surveillance and harass him in his own home.

David has also been wrongfully arrested and then released from his Malibu home without cause of Search Warrant. The local DA threw the case out.

David’s mental health deteriorated rapidly under the constant pressure and abuse he endured. He was eventually forced to seek help from a group of new lawyers who were appalled by the injustice he had suffered.

After a long and grueling legal battle, the truth was finally revealed, and the syndicate of corrupted lawyers were exposed. They were stripped of their licenses to practice law, and David will be awarded full restitution for his losses.

The shocking story of David abuse at the hands of a group of corrupted lawyers serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of unchecked power and the importance of fighting for justice.

See Shocking Live Video Of Corrupt Judges and DA Caught on Cam Sentencing An Innocent Man To Prison

See Shocking Live Video Of Corrupt Judges and DA Caught on Cam Sentencing An Innocent Man To Prison

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