New information has surfaced regarding the White House visits of Hunter Biden’s business partners and associates during his father’s time as Vice President in the Obama administration. According to visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital, four business partners, a vice president, and two assistants at Hunter Biden’s now-defunct firm visited the White House more than 80 times.

Joan Mayer, who claims to have been the vice president of Hunter’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca Advisors from 2008 to 2017, reportedly made at least 17 visits to the White House during that time. In October 2009, Mayer attended a vice presidential briefing and met with then-Biden aide Danielle Borrin. Less than a month later, she met with then-Biden executive assistant Nancy Orloff in the West Wing. In July 2013, she also met with Kellen Suber, another executive assistant to Vice President Biden, according to the logs.

President Biden has repeatedly denied knowledge of his son’s business dealings amid ongoing investigations into Hunter and his family. However, these latest revelations raise further questions about the extent of the Biden family’s connections and influence during the Obama administration.

The investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings involve allegations of money laundering and tax fraud, among other things. The White House visits of his business partners and associates, as well as his father’s potential involvement, continue to be a topic of interest for many.

By Grady Owen

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