Former President Donald Trump has criticized President Joe Biden for choosing not to attend King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday. In a post on Truth Social, Trump praised the new king and queen, calling them “two very special people” and wishing them a “long and glorious reign.”

However, Trump did not hold back in his criticism of Biden, stating that he should have been at the coronation and that his absence was insulting to the people of the United Kingdom. Despite the historic and symbolic significance of the event, Biden chose not to attend, a decision that Trump found to be both disappointing and harmful to the United States’ global reputation.

Trump’s comments are not without context. In recent months, Biden has faced criticism for his foreign policy decisions, including the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Trump has been vocal in his disagreement with Biden’s policies, believing that they weaken America’s standing in the world.

Trump went on to express his frustration with Biden’s “sleepy” behavior and the impact it has had on the U.S.’s relationships with other countries. He claims that by not attending the coronation, Biden sends a message to other nations that the U.S. is not interested in maintaining its alliances or being a global leader.

President Biden’s absence from King Charles III’s coronation has not gone unnoticed, and Trump’s comments are sure to add to the growing conversation about what it means for the U.S. to have a president who is seemingly disinterested in international affairs. In conclusion, Former President Donald Trump has criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to skip King Charles III’s coronation, calling it an insult to the U.K. and accusing Biden of damaging America’s reputation on the global stage.

Trump’s comments highlight the ongoing debate about the U.S.’s role in international affairs and the importance of maintaining strong diplomatic ties with other nations. Meta description: Former President Trump criticizes President Biden for skipping King Charles III’s coronation, calling it insulting to the U.K. and harmful to America’s global reputation. Trump’s comments add to the ongoing debate about the U.S.’s role in international affairs.

By Grady Owen

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