Republican Governor Greg Abbott has criticized President Biden’s open border policies after a busload of illegal immigrants was reportedly dropped off in Denver. Abbott announced the news on Thursday, saying that Texas’ border communities are overwhelmed and overrun with illegal immigration, and should not have to bear the burden of the influx.

Abbott’s press release blamed Biden’s mass catch and release policy for the “reckless” release of illegal immigrants without court dates or any way to track them. The release of these immigrants not only puts a massive strain on the resources of Texas’ border communities, but also on other cities and states that become destinations for these immigrants.

The situation on the southern border has become a major issue for Republicans, who have criticized Biden’s immigration policies as ineffective and potentially dangerous. They argue that the influx of illegal immigrants not only poses a security risk but also threatens American jobs and resources.

Biden, on the other hand, has cited humanitarian reasons for his immigration policies, stating that he wants to create a more welcoming and inclusive immigration system in the United States. However, his policies have resulted in a surge of illegal immigration, leading to overcrowding, long wait times, and a lack of resources at the southern border.

In conclusion, Governor Abbott’s criticism of President Biden’s immigration policies highlights the ongoing debate over how to handle the influx of illegal immigration in the United States. While there are differing opinions on what the best approach should be, it is clear that the situation at the southern border is a complex issue that requires careful consideration and compassionate solutions.

By Grady Owen

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