Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has made a bold call to Hispanic voters in Florida, urging them not to support Governor Ron DeSantis in the upcoming elections due to his immigration policies. López Obrador made these remarks during his daily press conference, where he addressed DeSantis’s recent announcement of his bid for the 2024 White House race. The Mexican President expressed his concern over DeSantis’s treatment of migrants and emphasized the importance of standing against those who fail to respect the rights of immigrants.

During his press conference, President López Obrador took the opportunity to criticize Governor DeSantis’s approach to immigration. He accused the governor of persecuting migrants and emphasized the need to vote against politicians who do not demonstrate respect for these individuals. López Obrador’s remarks were particularly significant as he had previously predicted DeSantis’s presidential aspirations, asserting that the governor’s stance on migration was politically motivated.

The Call to Hispanic Voters: President López Obrador directed his message specifically to Hispanic voters in Florida, urging them to wake up and not grant a single vote to Governor DeSantis. By highlighting the importance of voting against those who persecute and disregard the rights of migrants, he sought to mobilize the Hispanic community in Florida against DeSantis’s candidacy. The Mexican President’s plea emphasized the potential impact that Hispanic voters could have on the outcome of the upcoming elections.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s recent comments regarding Governor Ron DeSantis’s immigration policies have sparked attention and raised concerns over the treatment of migrants. López Obrador, known for his outspokenness on issues related to immigration, called on Hispanic voters in Florida to reject DeSantis and his political ambitions. The Mexican President’s remarks highlighted the need to support politicians who demonstrate respect for migrants and uphold their rights. With his call to action, López Obrador aims to empower Hispanic voters to make a difference in shaping the political landscape of Florida.

By Grady Owen

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