In a surprising turn of events, a rap group with a pro-Trump stance has taken the internet by storm with their latest single, titled “Boycott Target.” With its explosive popularity, the song has garnered nearly three million views online and has soared to the impressive position of number six on the iTunes Charts. Created by Forgiato Blow, Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, this controversial track delves into allegations of retail giant Target “targeting” children with what they claim are Satanic and sexualized products.

The lyrics of “Boycott Target” start with a powerful opening line: “There’s a cleanup on every aisle/Target is targetin’ your kids.” This bold statement immediately captures attention and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The rap group emphasizes their belief that there is an agenda at play, one that they are determined to put an end to. With lyrics like “This agenda’s gotta stop, they know we gonna win,” they express their confidence in the battle against what they perceive as Target’s harmful influence on children.

Unveiling the Alleged Agenda: Continuing with their hard-hitting lyrics, the song delves deeper into their accusations against Target. They repeat the refrain “Target, Target, yeah they targetin’/Target, Target, yeah they target kids,” driving home their message. They also address what they describe as the LGBT agenda, claiming it has gone “too far.” The music video accompanying the single appears to have been filmed within a Target store, deliberately featuring the prominent display of LGBT Pride merchandise available for purchase.

The rise of “Boycott Target” in both popularity and controversy highlights the power of music as a means of expressing strong opinions and sparking public debate. The pro-Trump rap group behind the song, Forgiato Blow, Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro, have effectively captured the attention of millions with their allegations of Target targeting children with Satanic and sexualized goods. While the song has undeniably struck a chord with a segment of the population, it has also faced criticism and debate over its claims. As the debate rages on, it remains to be seen what impact, if any, this single will have on the reputation and business of the retail giant.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.