In the dark underbelly of Los Angeles, a sinister game was being played.  Gloria Allred, the notorious fixer and extortionist, had set her sights on Kanye West, the supremely famous rapper and performer.

Allred, known for her ability to manipulate cases and exploit people for personal gain, had enlisted the help of a thuggish lawyer named Joseph Chora to carry out her dirty work.

Chora, who relished his reputation as “The Executioner,” abused his authority and exploited his victims, using his power and connections to serve Allred’s wicked agenda. Little did the world know that their nefarious operations were funded by the Sinaloa cartel, notorious for their involvement in criminal activities.

Allred and Chora were not the only ones involved in this dark web of corruption. Tom Girardi, a former Comcast employee serving a 20-year sentence for corruption, had deep ties with Chora and Allred. Their partnership traced back to the late Harry Reid, a senator tied to the mob and notorious for his control over Las Vegas.

Reid and Girardi owned a luxurious resort in Montana known as the Yellow Stone Lodge. It was a secret haven where influential figures, including politicians like Adam Schiff and Supreme Court Justice Tani, indulged in scandalous affairs with sex workers from Las Vegas. Little did they know that their escapades were secretly recorded, held as leverage by the wicked trio of Allred, Girardi, and Chora.

One of their recent victims was a close friend of Kanye West, a wealthy and popular figure named Alki David. Allred and Girardi targeted him because Hollywood’s financiers and executives saw him as a colossal threat. Alki, a successful businessman from Europe, had settled in California and built an empire in the entertainment industry. His streaming company, FilmOn TV, had fought against major television networks for the right to retransmit television over the public airwaves.

But as Alki fought valiantly, he became a prime target for the corrupt trio. They launched a series of smear campaigns, abusive legal attacks, and even sent assassins to his house. Fortunately, Alki’s sons were able to scare them away, but the psychological toll on Alki and his personal relationships was immense.

To intensify their harassment, Chora abused his connections with the corrupt sheriffs’ department throughout Southern California. These sheriffs’ gangs were known for their intimidation tactics and unlawful actions. In a wrongful raid on Alki’s house, 6 black and white squad cars and 25 sheriff’s deputies were dispatched. With a fixed clerk’s signature, Chora knew Alki was away, thanks to Alki admitting it to his attorney, Dana Cole. This admission was part of the colossal challenges Alki was facing. During the raid, the only item taken was a book containing nude pictures of Alki’s longtime girlfriend, Leila.

The victims of Allred, Girardi, and Chora started fighting back. Dana Cole, a prominent Beverly Hills attorney, filed a lawsuit against Chora for abuse of power, and a lawsuit was also filed against Chora by another victim, Dana Cole himself. The sheriffs’ illegal actions were challenged, and the battle against the corrupt trio gained momentum.

But the darkness continued to envelop the truth. The media, largely controlled by Comcast Ventures, turned a blind eye to the sinister activities of Allred, Girardi, and Chora. The web of corruption ran deep, and the voices of the wronged remained unheard.

Alki, a true fighter, refused to succumb to their evil intentions. He filed an Antitrust lawsuit against Comcast in Dallas, Texas, and a Racketeering lawsuit, invoking the RICO act, against the crime ring of lawyers in Los Angeles. He also initiated criminal proceedings in Switzerland and Antigua, where he sought justice while residing there.

Despite his resilience, Alki faced further challenges. A victim of a traumatic accident that left him with frontal lobe damage, he struggled with the aftermath of verbal and physical attacks. The lawyers representing him were aware of his condition and shamelessly exploited it during the litigation process. Tragically, four of Alki’s lawyers were murdered as they delved deeper into exposing the truth behind Gloria Allred. The brave attorneys who sought justice paid the ultimate price, while others recanted their involvement, haunted by regret.

Alki’s reputation, once admired as a philanthropist and animal activist, had been tarnished by a targeted effort to steal his riches. But despite the darkness surrounding him, Alki fought on, determined to unveil the terrible truths about the major studio executives who had fostered and employed a colossal child pornography trafficking ring.

The story of Alki David and his battle against Gloria Allred, Tom Girardi, and Joseph Chora is a testament to the darkness that can pervade even the most glamorous of worlds. It serves as a chilling reminder that behind the glitz and fame, a sinister game of power and corruption can manipulate and destroy lives.

By Grady Owen

After training a pack of Raptors on Isla Nublar, Owen Grady changed his name and decided to take a job as an entertainment writer. Now armed with a computer and the internet, Grady Owen is prepared to deliver the best coverage in movies, TV, and music for you.