Recent survey results reveal a growing skepticism among voters regarding the impartiality of the news media, with a significant portion believing that political coverage is heavily influenced by President Biden’s agenda. According to a national poll conducted by Rasmussen, a substantial majority of likely voters perceive the news media as mere mouthpieces for Biden’s talking points.

The survey, conducted from March 18 to March 20, posed a straightforward question to respondents: “How likely is it that the major news media‚Äôs political coverage is dictated by talking points from the Biden campaign?” The findings were striking.

A staggering 63% of all voters expressed the belief that it is at least “somewhat likely” that Biden’s narrative is shaping the content of political news disseminated to the American public. Among them, 42% consider it “very likely” that the media’s coverage is directly influenced by the Biden campaign.

Unsurprisingly, Republican voters exhibited the highest level of skepticism, with 61% stating that it is “very likely” that Biden is dictating the news, and a remarkable 78% deeming it at least “somewhat likely.” Independent voters echoed similar sentiments, with 61% viewing Biden’s influence over the media as likely, and 42% labeling it as “very likely.”

What may come as a surprise, however, is the response from Democrat voters. Despite being traditionally aligned with Biden’s political ideology, half of Democrat voters (50%) acknowledged that the media acts as a conduit for Biden’s messaging. Furthermore, a quarter of Democrat voters admitted that it is “very likely” that Biden’s talking points shape the news they consume.

These findings underscore a growing perception among the American electorate that the news media’s objectivity is compromised by partisan influences. As voters across the political spectrum increasingly question the integrity of news coverage, the role of journalism in shaping public opinion faces heightened scrutiny.

As the Biden administration continues to navigate its agenda, the relationship between the White House and the media remains a focal point of discussion. Whether the media will reclaim its reputation as a watchdog of democracy or continue to be perceived as a mouthpiece for political interests remains to be seen.

By Jeff Stevens

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