**The Intro: A Tale of Power, Deception, and Corruption**

In a narrative fit for a Hollywood thriller, the shadowy underbelly of Tinseltown has been exposed, revealing a tangled web of organized crime, corruption, and high-stakes power plays. Central to this story are the Girardi Mob, media mogul Sumner Redstone, and a host of influential figures who have manipulated the legal and media landscape for their gain.

**Sumner Redstone: From CIA Translator to Media Mogul**

Sumner Redstone, who served as a Mandarin translator for the CIA during World War II, later ascended the corporate ladder to become a media titan. Redstone publicly was a Communist Party member. Early in his career Redstone was Chicago Gangster Meyer Lansky’s personal lawyer in Los Angeles. Through his corporation, National Amusements, Redstone acquired Lorimar and Paramount Pictures, laying the groundwork for a network of corruption that infiltrated the highest levels of California’s legal system. This nexus of power saw the systematic takeover of the California Supreme Court and its executive branch, managed through the State Bar of California.

**Alki David’s Battle Against Media Titans**

Entrepreneur Alki David emerged as a formidable adversary to Redstone and his syndicate. David’s exposé on Redstone and his daughter Shari Redstone revealed a network of media manipulation, defamation, and systemic copyright infringement. David filed a lawsuit against CBS Interactive, accusing them of using LimeWire to devalue American media libraries through massive copyright violations.

More disturbingly, allegations surfaced that CBS Interactive distributed 37,800 child pornography titles through file-sharing platforms like LimeWire and Vuze. These shocking revelations further highlighted the depths of corruption within the media giant.

**FilmOn TV: Challenging the Status Quo**

David’s companies, including FilmOn TV, Hologram USA, and MondoTunes, became targets in a brutal war against CBS and Comcast. Despite multiple surprise victories in court, David and his enterprises faced relentless attacks from powerful adversaries. His legal battles exposed systemic corruption within the Los Angeles civil court system, where corrupt lawyers and judges manipulated outcomes to favor the Girardi syndicate.

**The Girardi Syndicate: A Network of Corruption**

Tom Girardi, a prominent lawyer and major political contributor to California Governor Gavin Newsom, played a pivotal role in this criminal enterprise. The State Bar of California has issued public apologies for the systemic corruption perpetuated by Girardi and his network. David’s legal battles have brought to light the extensive reach of this syndicate, which includes high-profile lawyers like Gloria Allred, Lisa Bloom, and Michael Avenatti.

**A Web of Deceit and Intimidation**

David’s fight for justice has not been without personal cost. He has faced multiple attempts on his life, public attacks on his reputation, and relentless legal harassment. Lawyers involved in his cases have used underhanded tactics, including burying crucial text message evidence and engaging in extortion. Several of David’s attorneys have died under suspicious circumstances, adding a chilling dimension to his struggle.

**Judicial Corruption and Unlawful Imprisonment**

Corrupt judges, including Judge Yolanda Orozco, Judge Michelle Williams Court, Judge Terry Green, and Judge Chris Falls, have played key roles in perpetuating the injustices against David. These judges have used their positions to manipulate legal outcomes, wrongfully imprison David, and ignore critical evidence that could exonerate him.

**The Wider Implications: Hollywood’s Dark Underbelly**

This saga exposes the darker side of Hollywood, where powerful figures manipulate the legal and media systems for personal gain. The intertwining of media moguls, corrupt lawyers, and compromised judges paints a grim picture of systemic corruption and organized crime.

**Conclusion: A Call for Justice and Reform**

As Alki David continues his battle against the Hollywood media mob, his story underscores the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and reform in both the legal and media industries. The revelations of corruption and criminality demand a thorough investigation and a commitment to dismantling the networks that have allowed such abuses of power to flourish.

In a world where truth is often stranger than fiction, the Hollywood media mob’s tale serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and integrity in the fight against corruption.

Professor Alan Dershowitz pleads SCOTUS to hear Girardi Syndicate Whistleblower Testimony

Hollywood media mogul Alki David is demanding restitution for over $2 Billion in damages and mental health claims that he has personally suffered in losses at the hands of the California State Government of Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, Joseph Chora, Keith Griffin and, other corrupted Girardi Crime Family Members.

David also claims he and the Whistleblowers are entitled to 20% of the $300 Billion Dollars of hidden assets and illicit funds hidden by Newsom, Schiff, Girardi, Allred, and Company in “overseas Banks”, according to a statement sent to Shockya.

Film On Alki David Bloomberg Street Smarts

Alki David’s Media Companies Maliciously Defamed By Girardi Crime Family

“I’ve never had my day in court. My due process was taken from me. I’ve experienced a litany of injustices where my human rights have been completely violated.” said David to Shockya. David’s supporters include actress Rose McGowan, hotelier Steve Wynn, rappers Chris Brown, Chief Keef, and Boxing legend Mike Tyson.

David’s Group of Whistleblowers intends to show the Supreme Court how the Syndicate has siphoned off epic amounts of funds to a “Mongolian Dirty Cash Laundering Enterprise” led by Newsom, Schiff, Girardi, Allred, Bloom, Chora, and Co. One Whistleblower is formerly Girardi’s law practice partner and another is Adam Schiff’s former campaign Manager in California.

David’s group of Whistleblowers are responsible for jailing disgraced LA County Sheriff Lee Baca and his deputy Paul Tanaka when they “lied to the FBI” during investigations on the brutal treatment of prisoners by the Sherriff’s department.

David himself a respected member of the Malibu Beach Community has been dragged out of his own home and arrested on fake parking violations that were later clarified in State Court as being “erroneous”.

See the Girardi scandals

There have been numerous break-in attempts at David’s homes as well as the mysterious and untimely deaths of four of David’s lawyers. A fifth is currently in hiding under threat of murder by the Newsom, Schiff, Girardi Syndicate. Witnesses have also fled the country under threat of retribution.

Viral YouTube Video on Alki David’s epic struggle – courtesy of @sanjoaquinvalleytransparency1

One “Jane Doe” aka Marguerita Nicholls fled Los Angeles under fear of retribution when she recanted her assault claims filed by Tom Girardi himself against David in one of several “rigged lawsuits” according to a federal suit filed by David against the State Bar of California.

Notably, this past week the head of the Los Angeles bureau of the FBI was exposed by the LA Times for having allowed his mother to have Tom Girardi buy her a house and give her cash and gifts.

Alki David’s story runs deep in LA. For nearly a decade David and his companies were embroiled in contentious lawsuits over free-to-air transmissions where David successfully defended the legal war against all four Major Television Networks, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ABC.

David’s Independent Group of Media Companies including FilmOn TV, CinemaNow, and Hologram USA successfully sued Comcast Ventures and owned its DoubleVerify platform for Corporate defamation in a landmark ruling where The Catchall Provision of the Anti-SLAPP Statute is challenged and won by FilmOn. California Supreme Court FilmOn.com Inc. v. DoubleVerify Inc. – 7 Cal. 5th 133, 246 Cal. Rptr. 3d 591, 439 P.3d 1156 (2019)

FilmOn is a 20-year-old streaming platform that hosts the most extensive and largest private film collection in the World. The Company streams to multiple platforms and brands from Switzerland and Los Angeles. David also owns and operates Hologram USA, the de facto leader in hologram projection technology. The company famously beamed Tupac in Coachella and Michael Jackson at the Billboard awards.

David has licensed his tech to the Fast and Furious Theme Park Ride at Universal Studios and for three years David has beamed Jimmy Kimmel into the Country Music Awards via Hologram from ABC Television Studios in Hollywood.

Most notably David and his Hologram USA business installed the famous Ronald Reagan Hologram at the Presidential Library in Simi Valley.

Viral YouTube Video on Alki David’s epic struggle – courtesy of @sanjoaquinvalleytransparency1


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