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Sandi Thom Covers Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”

Electronic music has been all the craze lately. Understanding the appeal of this futuristic genre can be mindless for some, but also a struggle for others. We’ll take the latter part mostly due to the lack of vulnerability in the beat provoking songs. Yes, electronic music can make you free of worries, losing yourself in its tempos, but unguarded and sensual vocals, not beside a synthesized beat, can have you feeling exposed, which is unlike any emotion.

So, on that vulnerable path, we introduce you to Sandi Thom. The Scottish singer-songwriter released a cover of Johnny Cash’s hit (originally a song by the Nine Inch Nails), “Hurt” as part of her weekly cover series. Bold enough to tackle the already renowned song, Thom lays it all on the line with this tenderly shot video. Her vocals are beautifully effortless and exude a relatable innocence, making the track feel as alive as it did in when Cash first covered it later on in his career.

Thom’s brand new album, “Flesh and Blood”, will drop on August 14th via her own label, Guardian Angel Records. Recorded in Nashville with the Black Crowes’ Rich Robinson, the album features the lead single, “The Sun Comes Crashing Down”, which is streaming on SoundCloud and is available as a free download on her official site.

Music fans, take note of Thom and remember to not let the electronic craze prevent you from enjoying the simplicity of vocals and instruments that The Beatles established.

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