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Dean Slater: Resident Advisor Movie Review

Title: Dean Slater: Resident Advisor

Directed by: Colin Sander

Starring: Mitchell Jarvis, Nick Renaud, Glenn McCuen, Jimmy Wong

Running Time: 83 minutes, Not Rated, Available on VOD

When a coked out R.A. at a trust building camping trip for freshmen gets thrown in jail, accused of trying to steal a cow near the Mexican border, his brother Dean steps in as the new resident advisor and gives three guys lessons in making the most of their college experience.

The Negative: Wow, a 83 minute fart joke. Never thought it could be done. The soundtrack is god-awful. There was a musical sequence that I had to put on mute and every music track afterwards was muted. The jokes were desperate and unfunny; I didn’t laugh once….wait I take that back. I laughed at the 7:45 mark when 3 characters said “butt-sex.” The movie goes down hill after that.

The Positive: I learned Kendama is a real thing and here I thought it was just glorified “ball in a cup.”

You would strap me in with my eyeballs forced open A Clockwork Orange-style in order for me to watch this ever again. Consider yourself warned.

Total Rating: F

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Dean Slater Resident Advisor Movie

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