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Interview: Bloodline’s Matt Thompson Talks Sacramento and Self-Discovery

Matt Thompson is excited for his hometown of Sacramento, CA to see his latest film, “Bloodline.” The film, which was also shot in Sacramento, has made history as Osiris Entertainment’s first theatrical release. ShockYa was happy to be able to speak with Thompson about the film, representing his hometown and the philosophical elements revolving around the film’s focus on self-discovery. “Bloodline” will premiere in Regal Cinemas in Sacramento Sept. 27.

I’m really interested in “Bloodline,” especially since the thriller/horror bent seems to come from self-discovery. What was it like to star in the film you’re also directing?

Matt Thompson: To star and direct at the same time is an incredible task. It’s hard to separate yourself from having to look at the scene as a director and than having to get into character and having to remain in that scene as the character during each take. You basically have to divide yourself so you’re almost bi-polar [laughs] in the sense that you have to be in charge as a director, then you have to be a character and then you have to go back to the other side and make sure you’re delivering in a scene…and whether the other people are delivering as well…

This film is the first theatrical film for Osiris Entertainment. What is it like to be making history with this production company?

Matt Thompson: I’m really excited to be working with Evan [Crooke], Brandon [Krienes] and Aileen [Briones] over at Osiris…They had released my last film, “Listen to Your Heart,” and with this one, I wanted to up the ante. When I told Evan that I think this movie deserves the silver screen, he was immediately receptive to it and was really excited about it. In my opinion, this is going to be the new way in which movies are released. It’s going to be based more on performance than it is throwing everything and the kitchen sink for a budget and crossing your fingers. I think that Osiris is pioneering the new way in which movies are going to be released.

You’re also a native of Sacramento and Sacramento is going to be one of the places the film is premiering in. What do you think it’s going to be like to show your hometown this film you created?

Matt Thompson: It’s really exciting to be releasing a movie [in the place] I was raised and where was able to film…I moved to Hollywood early in my 20s, and I realized how hard it was and how rigid the protocols for filming were. Sacramento really has a lot of talent that lends itself to film in general, so it’s always really been my goal to bring more film back to our area. To do this is, I think, a tribute to the fact that…we have a great home for making movies and this really showcases that. Hopefully, moving forward, this will attract more filmmakers to the area.

What do you think people will identify with when they see this film?

Matt Thompson: …For me personally—I was asked before what this film has in relation to me personally–it deals with the struggles in faith and dealing with doubt. I think people are really going to relate to this thriller-fantasy, and the doubt that this character is going through and his faith and his walk and all that stuff. I think that’s why the movie itself is unique. Like you mentioned in the beginning, it has a character discovering himself, which is also where the problems would be as the movie goes on.

To talk more about self-discovery–I had been comparing the film and Brett’s journey of self-discovery to how it can sometimes be scary for us in real life to go on a journey of self-discovery.

Matt Thompson: Sure. Wow, we’re getting all philosophical [laughs]. Yeah, I think people will identify with the fact that he is growing in his walk and in his faith and he doesn’t even realize it. All of his friends are at risk and it’s forcing him to take that leap of faith…in very strenuous circumstances…If someone put a gun to your head and said, “Do you believe in God or not?”–I think that’s the same sort of moment he has throughout the film. So it has a very philosophical meaning.

Any future projects coming up?

Matt Thompson: Yeah. Actually, I’m about to film a series called “The Hive,” which I’m really excited about. It’s in the same thriller genre [but] it’s a completely different plot. I can’t say too much about it because I don’t really know what I can say or not say at this point. But I can say it’s going to be awesome and if you like the genre of “Bloodline,” then this is going to be a series of that. It’s going to be really exciting, very mysterious. It’s kind of like “The X-Files” meets “The Walking Dead” meets “True Blood.”


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