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Michael Keaton praises Joel Kinnaman for acting in bulky RoboCop suit

Joel Kinnaman plays the title character in the new RoboCop, which obviously includes donning that likely cumbersome, futuristic suit. Costar Michael Keaton is no stranger to having to act in an awkward costume.

In a press conference held Thursday in Los Angeles, Keaton says Kinnaman deserves praise for his performance and his ability to convey  a range of emotions, even inside the suit that covers nearly all of him.

Recalling his own days as Batman in the first two Tim Burton installments of the modern franchise, Keaton talks about how the inconveniences of the suit combined with his own personal neuroses helped him to better formulate how to play Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

RoboCop hits theaters across the country on Feb. 12, 2014.

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