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D.L. Byron Satori EP Review

D.L. Byron Satori Album Cover

The album cover for singer-songwriter D.L. Byron’s pop-rock EP, ‘Satori.’

Artist: D.L. Byron

EP: ‘Satori’

Maintaining the glitz of the true rock-n-roll public lifestyle that society has largely embraced doesn’t always appeal to all singers who strive to focus more on their music than on fame. That’s certainly true for versatile indie artist, D.L. Byron, who rarely subscribes to the standard operations of the modern American music industry. The New York City-based singer-songwriter is showcasing his unique views on life in his new pop-rock EP on Zen Archer Records, ‘Satori,’ which a Zen Buddhist word that means sudden awakening.

The four tracks Byron chose for ‘Satori’ enthrallingly showcase the musician’s passion of the the album’s title aesthetic. While holding nothing back from his observations of the rock-n-roll lifestyle on the record, he also includes poignant details about his personal and family lives in several eclectic musical styles.

‘Satori’ immediately proves that Byron is a musician whose songs are melodically infectious, but are still thematically deep and thought-provoking. The four tunes on his latest EP reflect his no holds barred desire to write and sing straight from the heart.

The first entry on ‘Satori’ is the captivating ‘No 1 God,’ which is a flippant response to the religious belief that Jesus saves is the rightful answer to all the troubles in the world. Without any disrespect to people’s religious ideals, Byron feels that they shouldn’t always use their opinions as a shield that prevents them from taking responsibility for their actions. Backed by a ’90s-inspired alt-rock guitar, the singer contemplate morals and faith in a world that where many people seem to care more about their own self-advancement than how society will survive without God.

The morally thought-provoking initial song on Byron’s new album then transitions into its sophomore track, ‘Rehearsing For the Future.’ The tune features the musician questioning how society is able to accomplish anything when so many people lack any true direction in life, and don’t know what’s expected of them by those who rely on them. Driven by adult contemporary drum beats and guitar riffs, Byron also ponders what the woman he’s involved with wants him to be doing now. Their interactions have led him to contemplate his life decisions and actions.

‘Rehearsing For the Future’ then delves into ‘Satori’s penultimate entry, ‘All Fall Down,’ which is a stunning rock ballad that pays tribute to people went wild during their youth. Now in adulthood, the singer croons about how people are trying to make sense of the results of their own actions. The reflective lyrics are backed by rock guitar riffs that are inspired by classic early-’90 rock songs. Byron also powerfully notes how when people say others won’t get too far in life, they often times become even more determined to succeed as they grow older.

‘Satori’ then ends with the enthralling tarck, ‘Everywhere I Go,’ which makes people reflect on what they see and feel during their days. Anxiety and stress often arises from the struggles people regularly face, especially while they search for the lost ambitions of their youth. Driven by psychedelic rock guitars, the tune focuses on how people struggle to contend with adult responsibility, as they continue to strive to live their care-free childhood dream.

Sustaining the glitz of the true rock and roll public lifestyle that society has largely embodied doesn’t always appeal to all singers who strive to focus more on their music than on fame. That’s certainly true for Byron, who rarely subscribes to the standard operations of the modern American music industry. The singer-songwriter is showcasing his unique views on life on the personally-charged ‘Satori.’ The EP’s riveting four songs share the musician’s passion of not holding anything back from his pivotal critiques of the often celebrated rock-n-roll lifestyle.

For more information on Byron, visit his Facebook page.

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