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THE NUMBER 23- Movie Review


THE NUMBER 23- Movie Review

Directed By: Joel Schumacher

Written By: Fernely Philips

Score: Technical: 90, Acting: 90, Story: 90. Overall Score: 90%

The Number 23 a heart wrenching journey into paranoia.  A man becomes obsessed with the number 23.  Walter Sparrow is given a copy of The Number 23 a book that journeys into the depths of the numerology and the linking of everything to the number 23, is this number a blessing or is it a curse? There is only one way to find out.

Joel Schumacher has outdoes himself as a director.  The Number 23, surpasses his earlier work of 8MM, Flatliners, and The Lost Boys.  This movie stands on its own.  Each scene was done with the style and finesse that only Schumacher has the ability to deliver.  Fernely Philips a first timer has written a story that absolutely blows you away, I didn’t see this one coming and when it hit, it hit hard!

Receiving Three Skipped beats on the Roger Moore movie scale, this movie just missed the heart stopper.  Watching this movie I found myself obsessing over the number 23.  Jim Carrey stands out with his absolutely stunning performance.  Fantastic film, this one will definitely make the collection!

The Number 23

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