More exciting “Dark Knight” news! Joseph Gordon-Levitt, now a Christopher Nolan staple due to “Inception”, is going to play a role in “The Dark Knight Rises”, according to various sources, including E! Online.

As for what role the actor might play, it’s up in the air. For the longest, it was rumored that he might play the Riddler, but now with news that Bane and Catwoman are going to be the villains, that’s ruled out.

One other rumor I’ve seen floating around by Batman fans is probably more just wishful thinking than an actual fact-based guess. Someone suggested that they could possibly use him to continue the Joker, a role left vacant by the sudden death of Heath Ledger. Of course, it’s been said that Nolan doesn’t intend to use the Joker anymore, but in the world of Hollywood, “Never say ‘never'” is a constant idiom. If anyone could do something with the role of the Joker, it could be Gordon-Levitt. He even kind-of favors Ledger. However, this is all just hopeful thinking.

The role Gordon-Levitt would also be great in is Robin. Personally, I think that’s the most logical path for him to play in the film series. It’s only going to be a matter of time before Robin is introduced anyway. I know quite a few people might gag at the thought of him playing Robin (hopefully it’s Dick Grayson as Robin), but, as we have seen from “Inception”, Gordon-Levitt can take a second-banana type of role and make it into something memorable, much more memorable than it was probably meant to ever be. And look, if Heath Ledger, someone people had counted out despite his terrific acting skills (he even made a weird film like “A Knight’s Tale” good) and Oscar-caliber work, did such an amazing job as the Joker, why can’t we suspend disbelief that Gordon-Levitt could knock the role of Robin out of the park?

“The Dark Knight Rises” is expected to be in theaters July 20, 2012.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Joker
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Joker

By Monique Jones

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8 thoughts on “Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be in The Dark Knight Rises”
  1. Nolan has said in the past he is keen to stay away from Robin in this series and has also reiterated that this is 'Bruce Wayne's story'. I personally think it would be a bad idea. Comparing it to Gordon-Levitt's role in Inception isn't very apt; that was a completely new character whereas Robin is a character with whom we are all familiar.
    I agree that casting him as the Joker is a long shot but I'd love to see it happen, even if only a cameo role

  2. this is what i think….my opinion though….bane breaks batmans back, we all know that, but what most people dont know is that the joker kills bane before he can kill batman. christopher nolan is very talented, so who knows. i would like to see him as the riddler though

  3. He won't be the joker, Nolan has completely ruled the joker out. Same with the riddler and robin. He'll be either a cop, lawyer, or rival businessman to bruce wayne.

  4. won't be robin. bale said he'd quit if robin were introduced, & nolan points out that this is a young, beginning batman, too young & new for a young side-kick.

  5. in my opinion, and it is just an opinion, nolan planned the death of the joker for the beginning of the next movie but his actor upped and died. the resemblance between levitt and ledger is remarkable and the joker story does need to be dotted and crossed. i think levitt will fulfil the story arc meant for ledger and the joker in some way.

  6. i would love to see him as either the riddler or joker. i for one would love to see the riddler done by nolan, ithink he could really make him work, and not be so cheesy like the last time, and a true foe for the dark knight to find.

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