If you go and browse around actress Danielle Harris’ official IMDB page, you’ll notice that she’s currently rumored to be reprising her role as Marybeth in Adam Green’s “Hatchet III.” It looks like the small but strong heroine is going to duke it out again with the seemingly unstoppable creature Victor Crowley.

During an interview for her upcoming film “Stake Land,” the actress confirmed her involvement with Green’s latest installment in his popular horror franchise. She talks about the obvious reports that “Hatchet III” is green lit for production and even when cameras will be rolling.

“Yeah, we’re actually already green lit for ‘Hatchet III.’ Adam (Green) called me about two weeks ago, literally at midnight I got a text message that said ‘Be sure to pick up Variety tomorrow morning, you’re on the cover.’ I was like what?! So I went to the news stand, picked it up and I’ve never been on the cover before, or I don’t think. It said that Dark Skies had green lit ‘Hatchet III.’

We don’t have any start dates yet but I talked to Adam (Green) the other day on what he’s writing and what the story is. My only request to him was that I didn’t die in the first act. I can’t really say anymore information but it’s going to be filmed sometime this year, hopefully sooner rather than later and I am coming back for another one.”

Still no word on the official story line for “Hatchet III” but since they’re planning to shoot sometime this year then hopefully we’ll find out more about it as the weeks roll by. Be sure to watch Danielle Harris in Jim Mickle’s horror drama “Stake Land,” out in limited theaters this April 22nd. Also, be sure to keep your eyes on ShockYa for our exclusive interviews with Danielle Harris and Jim Mickle on here this next week.

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Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris

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